Sunday, January 28, 2007

I'm very apologizes, this is what i do before google (PR) love me. Blogging also similar with real life. When you love someone that she or he doesn't know you, you will try your best(trick) to make she or he fall in love with you too.

Same thing i did to google, i love google and i hope google love me too. I make a lot of backlink around me, to make google know me more, at last with NEVER GIVE UP spirit, you will get google heart!

Like a women or men, they love fresh,good looking and friendly person! Google too! Google love fresh, good and friendly contents, then you will get near it!

After a trial time, women or men will evaluate how are you perfomance, how many points you get. Google do the same thing (basically every 3 months), you will get high points you can a lot attract attention from it!

Now you can stay with the person you love, happily ever after. Google love me too(Now PR5)!LOLZ!

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Friday, January 26, 2007

Hi my lovely readers and visitor!Today i check Blogging Secret google pr, like previously my google pr should be 0. But google today give me a last minute surprise, Blogging Secret officially now pr 5! Wow.... After almost 4 months of blogging, this result is a biggest surprise for me!

Before this i had post about Google PR judgement days? and Ultimate google pagerank guide Part.1, but i disapointed because no updated by google, but what a surprise google give!

Beside that, i have check for few of my pal and friends pr updated, the result are here:

Author-ramani-PR 5

Author-Vivek-PR 5

Author-Hoctro-PR 3

Beatiful Beta
Author-Hans-PR 4

Purple moggy-PR 1


And here i congratulation to all of above list! All of them is my important person (VIP) in bloggingsphere!

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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Google Gmail is a 2,795MB(and increasing) web-based email! It is Google, and it’s FREE!

If anyone wanna have a gmail account, please don't hesitate to email me your current email address, i will invite you!

Is my pleasure to invite anyone of you to join in!


Wish i can post some blogging secret soon....

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Sunday, January 21, 2007

I just found it, very interesting site. Another great tools for bloggers like us! When i visit SpicyPage, oh my god! My first question is, "is this another version of digg?" It's make me to blog about it now!

What is SpicyPage?
is the social online community where anyone shares, talks about what websites or blogs they discover on the net. It is a friendly community that allows everyone to find easier ways to spread the notable sites or blogs when stumbled upon them.

When is SpicyPage founded?
In September of 2006.

What SpicyPage want from us?
They want the user to tell them what the best site/blog is out there.

What can SpicyPage help us?
SpicyPage lets us post, comment on , vote on, share our favorites sites or blogs with our friends and others like us.

Who power SpicyPage?
Everyone of us, 100%.

Can we have the widget to let others vote on our blog?

My Cent:

This site is more enhance features than digg, different concept from digg, it's just focus on blog and site only. SpicyPage should be another big BOOM! in the world blogsphere. I have join it, how about you? To join, click HERE.

Is this blog nice? Please vote this blog at the below, thanks!

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What the.... sorry, recently i get a lot of stress from my new university life. I also working part time now, so i just free for couple hours a day.... In that couple hours i mostly finish with reading on other site and blog, so no time blogging anymore! Study? I haven't touch my text book yet since i enter blogging sphere. Another problem for me is that i don't have Internet connection from my home (my hostel). That why i finish a lot money to surf net. But Malaysia Internet connection provide by Stremyx. My housemate registered but wait for couple of week.

Do you know that i have provide a3 columns Kubrick theme template recently?

I have found some special template, but i won't reveal it first until i can move it to 3 columns in this couple weeks! This template is SUPERD! So please do update recently!

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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Wow...adgridwork now not only support the small blogger like us anymore, now with Text Link Ads with us too!

I just aware it recently when i check my blog, and i show something like this:

Surprise? I don't think so. Do you know Text Link Ads available for blogger? Check it here.

My Cent
Whenever there have free stuff, there will be crowded.

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After i just change my blog template to kubrick theme from word press, as i promise, i also would like to share with all of you too! This theme have been upgrade to blogger v3.0 by kaie ( he currently at military camp for three months), and now is upgrade to 3 columns template by me!

The Features that i provide here are listed at below:


Three columns sidebar

Expandable posts with Peekaboo view

Peek-A-Boo view of posts in label/archive pages

Author comment highlighting and notification

Comments with profile photos

Please don't remove the link at the bottom of the blog, thanks!


How to install:

Click Template tab and then Edit Html link. Backup your existing template by clicking Download Full Template link. Click Browse button, select your favorite style and Upload.

Demo Kubrick Theme

UPDATE 26/04/07

You just Right click here and choose "Save Target As" to download this templates files. Then follow the above installation instruction.

ADD :You may also interested to use one click widget and minima full hack template.

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Hi my readers, visitors and friends, i just upgrade Kubrick 3 columns templates for blogger v3.0. I don't know why, very miss my old and first blogging secret v1.0 template. My blogging secret header are using google font styles, and i love it much! I would like to keep it for as long as i can, but i fall in love Kubrick 3 column template too....

What a hard decision i have make.... I wish all readers can give some comment on this upgrade, thanks!

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Monday, January 15, 2007

Hello to all my readers, just now adgridwork v2.0 launch by nick, now more nicer template! I just make an interview with nick mazza, founder of adgridwork. Wow, what a lucky day for me! Then this is what the interview result.

Hi, nick. Before we continue this interview, may you introduce youself?

i'm a Junior at Cal Poly - San Luis studying Computer Science. Im currently focusing my studies on databases.
Wow...a student too.

What are your purpose to create adgridwork?

adgridwork was created because there was no simple and FREE way of promoting a website, short of spamming. Traditional link exchange is fairly cumbersome and requires a lot of work on both parties. We wanted to bring the ease and convenience of Google Adwords for free. Of course there has to be some incentive to advertise on your own site, thus we developed the exchange like system.

So what is your vision about adgridwork?

Right...our vision is to one day have a full, self-sufficient advertising network that sites can simply plug into and immediately see an increase in traffic. We are still small compared to the big networks (Adsense, adbrite, etc), but we have a loyal community that is really embracing our product. Thats what we love to see.

Is adgridwork a bit rush?

Not rush, just keep adding features and addressing the requests of the community. Since the service is becoming wider known, copycats will surely pop up. This is the nature of any business. We just have to keep our product fresh and stay true to our users.

adgridwork system is handle by you and kyle?

Ya. We both handle all programming, maintainance, development, advertising, and other daily tasks for the service. We are a fantastic team and work very efficiently together.

I wish adgridwork can make all our blog spread far beyond and never stop!
You didnt join yet? click here.

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Friday, January 12, 2007

Hi to all my readers, the author of Singapolyma-Tech, stephen, he is the man for blogger new version! He is a hacker of old blogger(classic), blogger beta and blogger new version (what i'm using now)! Congratulate to stephen, he just move to new blogger!

I just implement his hack, Asynchronous Peek-a-boo Comments, awesome! Just follow his steps, that's it!

He had a lot of hack, just check it at here.

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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Hi to everyone, before i write this post, i have know that when everytime a person success in blogging, that will be plenty of people fail in blogging world. But why i am still here to blogging? You will know it in the last sentence of this post.

I have little story to share with you all, before i have done this blog, Blogging Secret, how many blog do i have before? The answer is more than 10 blogs. I fail, fail and fail again on that hard time. That was my critical moment when i'm blogging. I blog about business, about blog, about adsense and much more but the ending is same, fail! What was the cause of failing?

There are more then 5 million blogs around the bloggersphere, all use the same template and header, how you can attract others attention since you is a new blogger?

This is the major cause of failing in bloggersphere. don't know how to write? So just be creative, ok?

After you have set up everything include info, nice layout, but you still no people to visit your blog. Just leave the blog there and wait is the solution? I think like this will make your neck broken up.

Yo, wanna copy? Make it unique please! Most of the people wanna copy but just copy all without modify anything and without link back, is this smart?

I think most of you (and me too) always facing this problem, no confident, no motivation can be the top failing reason of bloggers. Before this i have done a blog, with niche content, nice layout, but no traffic, i have do nothing and just delete the blog. I think i'm the "KING OF PIG", too stupid. That's what i do in the past and now i never do it again. Experience make us be a person who are we now today.

In short, please never give up when you are in the right direction!


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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Thanks to all Blogging Secret Communities, you all are great and i very appreciate of this kind of support! Blogging Secret now is one of the TOP 50 communities of MyBlogLog!

You are not Blogging Secret Communities yet? Click HERE.

UPDATED: The prediction of pr updated already delay and now my friend just get updated but except blogging secret ;(... i wanna cry!

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Thursday, January 4, 2007

Hello my dear readers and visitors, recently i just post about Google PR Judgment days In 3 days, then this post is to guide you what is Google PageRank(PR) actually did. Does PR really matters? How does it help a blog or website anyway?

1.Higher PR means Google like your site more than others. Generally, your pages will get higher rank in google search result (there are many other factors though).

2.After you have high PR, then this is your money TIME! How to make money? If you have PR 4 blog or website for example, you can sell link for $4-$7 a month while PR 7 can sell for a minimum price,$25 per month and this price is only for a link!!!!

m3.As you all know, more visitors = more click! I am sure why most of the blogger or webmaster earn a lot, because PR can give your adsense or others CTA earn more. So thanks Google PR!

Anyway, don't spend too much time on PR thingy. Focus on content and you will reach there.Now i just wait for the JUDGMENT DAY, and wish to get PR4 this time. I will update if have any changing.^^

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Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Hi and hello to my lovely readers and visitors, i have some news to you, said that google will normally update the pagerank(PR) every 3 months. And now is almost 3 months for the last update. So it's predicted that google will update website pagerank in this 2 or 3 days!

How to check your future pagerank(PR)?Then the below tool will help you a lot:

iWEBTOOL-Google PR Prediction

After i check and the result from iWEBTOOL as below:

Predicted PR :PR4

Accuracy: 78.1%

Backlinks: 426

Google PageRank is simply an indication of the number of websites that link to a specific website. It also attempts to indicate the quality of those links. PR ranges from 0 to 10 (with 10 being the 'best' PR and 0 being the 'worst').

Prediction for the date of the judgment days will be on 7Th of January 2007! So you still have 3 more days to update your blogs or websites. Cheer!

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Hi to all my readers and visitors, this week is my most busiest week of the year (since this year just past 3 days and a lot of activities at my campus), i just wanna share my blogging secret here (no time for show everything since is too many posts pending in my account!). Now my topic related to my blog title, Blogging Secret!

I just blogging for 3 months, but assistant from the blog master, i have some result by following those blogging secret.



I think "niche contents" you heard more then 1000 times, but i need to press this point a lot because this is really important. Why? If your blog title is "latest sport cars" so you must post about the latest model or relevant to the sport cars topic. If your blog is out of topic, then you will lost numbers of potential readers and visitors!


Why i touch to this point? This because your readers expect something different,fresh and new look from your blogs, and then this can branding your blogs too! Tips is here, you can have different styles, header, color, more hacks or arrangement of your blog! Mine just change header, but make a lot different right?


I mostly hate those blogs that appear like spammer! That's mean you don't just press on your ads too much! I had done my mistake in the past is i show all my ads in the homepage. That feeling really bad to those new visitors, but thanks to my friends for notice me this important point!


Yes,this really work! The more readers you have, then more percentage that your reader revisit your blog! TOP 3 MOST AWESOME NEWEST SERVICES are what you need too, then make it simple Subscribe able, like provide email subscription option in your sidebar, or provide a link that link to the subcription page at below of each post.


The most effective ways to get traffics,page rank(pr),ranking in technorati are with exchange link with others. You better links with those blog that relavant topic with you otherwise your pr will increase slowly! If you have a lot of links or back link from others high pr blogs, then your chance to increase your pr is available! So what you waiting for?

Exchange you link with me now by add my link first in your blog then drop your link in this post by post a comment! Your blog link will updated in 48 hours.

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