Friday, January 26, 2007

Hi my lovely readers and visitor!Today i check Blogging Secret google pr, like previously my google pr should be 0. But google today give me a last minute surprise, Blogging Secret officially now pr 5! Wow.... After almost 4 months of blogging, this result is a biggest surprise for me!

Before this i had post about Google PR judgement days? and Ultimate google pagerank guide Part.1, but i disapointed because no updated by google, but what a surprise google give!

Beside that, i have check for few of my pal and friends pr updated, the result are here:

Author-ramani-PR 5

Author-Vivek-PR 5

Author-Hoctro-PR 3

Beatiful Beta
Author-Hans-PR 4

Purple moggy-PR 1


And here i congratulation to all of above list! All of them is my important person (VIP) in bloggingsphere!

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  1. Paris David said...
    Congrats on the PR5! I'm gonna go check my pagerank now.
    LOUI$$ said...

    Thanks, and your's not bad, pr4, congrats too!

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