Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Wow, we are back, bloggingsecret.net is back! Now with pr 4. This is really amazing since I just redirect it to my old blogspot, but it get pr 4, and my blogginsecret.blogspot.com get pr3. Lucky I got back up plan for this blog, at least now is pr 4. I will continue more good post later on.

Now I'm hiring for data entry manager, if everything ok, I will have writer for me soon.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

I just come across something interesting on the net offering free online storage. I want to their site and found out that give 2GB online storage for new members sign up.

First I thought to pay, but when I tried to sign up, the note that "Free 2GB Online Storage". Who don't like free stuff ya? Especially Malaysian ;P

Ok, now what you should do to get this free stuff is just register on that site. You can click it from here, Free 2GB Online Storage.

If you think you do not understand, you can visit here: How to get free 2GB online storage.

Update: thanks Andrew Ooi!

Friday, October 26, 2007

If you have join my campaign on "How To Make Money Online", you will notice that you cannot complete the task in pay per post. Why this happen? I have send a email to PPP, and Luke had replied me. Below is the detail:

Hello Louiss, In order to receive payment for a referral, the user must do 4 things: 1.) Create an account on PayPerPost 2.) Submit a blog 3.) Blog must be approved 4.) A post must be paid to them Unfortunately, the majority of your referrals that are signing up are only completing step #1. All 4 steps must be completed in order for you to receive payment. If you do know any of these bloggers, you may want to contact them and try to have them complete the rest of the process. If you have any other questions or concerns, please let me know. Thank you! Luke

Now you know why you can't make your first $7.50? Drop me an email if you still can't make money.:P

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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

If you have review my blog and I haven't linkback to you, please drop me a comment, is my bad to lose your email since I accidentally delete all my email. Please feel free to drop a comment if you already done a review for my site.

If you don't know what promotion I doing now, please visit my post on how to make money and get a linkback from me. :P

Saturday, October 13, 2007

I have bought Earning Bloging from the owner with a reasonable price. Before this the blog is a blogging info blog, this blog is related to Blogging Secret blog.
How much is the price?
I can't tell you the real price since I have promise the owner. But it's very reasonable price, and I will get back my investment in 1 month, if possible.

Why I buy this blog?
This blog have PR 4. PR 4 link you can sell it with reasonable price if you want, but I wont do it if the price is not attractive. Anyway, I will try to apply this blog to do some related sponsored posts since it's very quality blog.

Is this investment worth?
Probably the answer is yes. I bought it with few hundred bucks but I can sell it around thousand of dollar if I need to. In long term, this blog can produce a lot of income for me, I will do it for long term, or until I can't handle it. :)

Thursday, October 4, 2007

I really thanks to limcs, who give me the opportunity to give a talk a Webmaster Malaysia Gathering. I really enjoy it since a difficult chance for me to give a talk a group. The gathering was held in Penang, E-Gate, Starbucks, last Friday ago. I took bus from KL directly to Penang just for that gathering. (Limcs think I from SP, kedah, he didn’t realize that I stay in KL)

I had meet with Calvyn, Legend and Jonathan, 3 of them are stay in Penang. After Limcs have share about his SEO skill and then follow by Jonathan talk about CSS. Wilfred from KL also share about his Flash skill, and he is the man of the day! Good talk man!

I have done my slides on last minute, since I have no time to prepare in KL. I had share about Secret Of Blogging. This really my first time present on the stage and talk about blogging, I so love it. Below are those pictures when I give the talk:

secret of blogging
secret of blogging
secret of blogging

I hope next time when I talk on the stage, it will be my own blogging seminar. :P

I have started my 100 blogs project, I need to manage nearly everything, contents, SEO and links building. I have one friend wanna help me, but he still study, also really can do it full time.

Time for headache, problem and more problem I have face recently, more blogs to manage, more problem I have to face. For this moment, will update something that are more live around this blog.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

I just call Public Bank just now, and the Public Bank card center operator has answer my question. Below is the our conversation:

Operator: Good Afternoon, bla bla bla...

Me: Hello, this is public bank card center right?

Operator: yes sir.

Me: Cool, my name is Louiss, I wanna ask some question here.

Operator: Ok

Me: I wanna ask about Public Bank Debit Card. Recently I heard that Public Bank Debit Card can withdraw Paypal. Paypal is one of the biggest online money transaction in the world, is that true that Public Bank Debit Card can withdraw the money from Paypal?

Operator: Yes, it's true.

Me: Really? 100% sure?

Operator: Yes

Me: Cool...Hurray! Thanks ya, love ya...

After that, I straight away transfer my fund into my public bank debit card account, will provide more update later on.

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