Saturday, October 13, 2007

I Have Bought EarningBlog.Com

I have bought Earning Bloging from the owner with a reasonable price. Before this the blog is a blogging info blog, this blog is related to Blogging Secret blog.
How much is the price?
I can't tell you the real price since I have promise the owner. But it's very reasonable price, and I will get back my investment in 1 month, if possible.

Why I buy this blog?
This blog have PR 4. PR 4 link you can sell it with reasonable price if you want, but I wont do it if the price is not attractive. Anyway, I will try to apply this blog to do some related sponsored posts since it's very quality blog.

Is this investment worth?
Probably the answer is yes. I bought it with few hundred bucks but I can sell it around thousand of dollar if I need to. In long term, this blog can produce a lot of income for me, I will do it for long term, or until I can't handle it. :)


  1. thehaunter said...
    Congratulation in getting your own domain name!

    Would you mind to share with us in what aspects that you determined the price is very reasonable?

    Besides, I am pretty interested in knowing the answer to the question asked in the comment dropped at 10/05/2007 7:39 AM.

    Apple Oracle said...
    Congratulations on your new domain purchase! That sounds like a fantastic domain to own.

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    hafreze said...
    oowhh damn it..I'm also looking for domain. I had remembered that I'm used to visit that blog.the owner is siong..I'm wondering why he don't continue blogging..

    I'm also do a review entry on comparing him with the url
    balidreamhome said...

    I have 4 PR and I do not have idea how much my blog will worth, do you ?

    have a great week end buddy, cheers

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