Thursday, October 4, 2007

I really thanks to limcs, who give me the opportunity to give a talk a Webmaster Malaysia Gathering. I really enjoy it since a difficult chance for me to give a talk a group. The gathering was held in Penang, E-Gate, Starbucks, last Friday ago. I took bus from KL directly to Penang just for that gathering. (Limcs think I from SP, kedah, he didn’t realize that I stay in KL)

I had meet with Calvyn, Legend and Jonathan, 3 of them are stay in Penang. After Limcs have share about his SEO skill and then follow by Jonathan talk about CSS. Wilfred from KL also share about his Flash skill, and he is the man of the day! Good talk man!

I have done my slides on last minute, since I have no time to prepare in KL. I had share about Secret Of Blogging. This really my first time present on the stage and talk about blogging, I so love it. Below are those pictures when I give the talk:

secret of blogging
secret of blogging
secret of blogging

I hope next time when I talk on the stage, it will be my own blogging seminar. :P


  1. 紫雨老师 said...

    我的Affiliate Program开始公测了,有时间去注册并且走走看看,希望能够给我一些反馈意见
    Anonymous said...
    how about using title "Rahsia blogger jutawan terbongkar" for your own blogging seminar
    Anonymous said...
    this title not good, belum jutawan yet la~ soon will be...
    Anonymous said...
    Hey, Louiss, don't give up! You've got 794 readers to date! Don't worry, I'm sure you'll be able to host your own show some day [actually rather soon]. By the way, very nice and professionally looking photos.
    JesieBlogJourney said...
    Penang is actaully my homeland so is PJ. You have done a good job. I'm sure that you are heading for something much brighter soon. I stay tuned.
    Anonymous said...
    I think You can give Nice Seminar if you prepare well...............
    Anonymous said...
    Congratulation Louis.
    that is a good progress.
    Mimi Lenox said...
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    JENNY said...
    The Itinerant said...
    woooo! great Job, Louiss! That's why I admire your ways since we shared ideas. Keep up the good work!
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    Kipas Repair JB said...
    Well done....maybe we can do a seminar in JB???
    LOUI$$ said...
    Zaki, can think about it, if you can prepare place and accommodation, contact me, we can discuss about it. :)
    Kipas Repair JB said...
    The seminar that you previously done, do participant need to pay? If yes,
    how much? What is the suitable title for the seminar?

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