Thursday, October 4, 2007

I have started my 100 blogs project, I need to manage nearly everything, contents, SEO and links building. I have one friend wanna help me, but he still study, also really can do it full time.

Time for headache, problem and more problem I have face recently, more blogs to manage, more problem I have to face. For this moment, will update something that are more live around this blog.


  1. 紫雨老师 said...

    Anonymous said...
    100 blogs full of spelling mistakes? OMG, don't start it till you polish your English.
    Anonymous said...
    Your Great but blog maintenance may be big problem.
    Unknown said...
    Lol.. (laughing on anonymous' post and thinking that it is pretty true)
    Unknown said...
    if you manage to maintain 100 blogs, then you are god!

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