Sunday, September 23, 2007

I see few popular blogs in Malaysia make $10,000 per month, like one of Malaysia Most Pretty Aunty, 5xmom. How about I tell you that I make $7000 in 14 days? Ok, I stop bullshit, here is the proof that I make $7000(usd $2000):

I just expose my half month income, how much is my income per month? ;) You guess it. :)

How to make money online like Louiss Lim?
Really easy, just make few blogs, update regulary and monetize it.

But why? Your English is like shit, how to make money?
I'm Malaysian, I have mix up my mother language (mandarin) with English, come out something people call 'broken English'. Who say that 'broken English' cannot make money online? Yes, have only one person to stop you from make money from it, that's YOURSELF!

I have a blog, but how I can make money from it?

I have a post that have all the information how I monetize my blog,please visit how to make money easy online.

How I motivate myself to blogging and make the most with blogging?

Very simple tip I wanna share with you, everyday improve 1% . Set a goal, how much you wanna make from blog, how to maximize your blog and how to get traffic to your blog. God didn't make us to be smart, but persistent in the right direction, make us be more smarter.

I wish to motivate more bloggers who lost their direction, and here is my last words for this post:



  1. Jason Lioh said...
    What's wrong with your blog? Why do I keep get redirected to this post a comment page when I didn't click anything? :|
    LOUI$$ said...
    jason, do you using IE? If you still redirect to comment page, please let me know,thanks.
    Anonymous said...
    i get the same problem as Jason. I am using Firefox.

    your post did appear for a while, then this comment thing overlapped it.
    LOUI$$ said...
    Decypher, thanks for inform me, just fix it.
    Kadir said...
    This is really a motivating article for Making money online. Hope I'll reach this mark at least in a year.
    kailoon said...
    Hi, first time been here :)

    Looking forward to learn from you :)
    kailoon said...
    actually, is RM 7k rite?
    hafreze said...
    I'm really motivated when looking at your income. In fact, I join the PPP program after reading 5xmom and your blog about 2 weeks ago. Right now I'm making 56.70 just from alone..tq for your tips..
    Anonymous said...
    I'm using Firefox and I cannot read your post - it redirects me to comments page.
    Anonymous said...
    Are you earning a net profit of $2023.26 or just $423.75 ($2023.26-$1599.25)?

    You forgot to minus off some costs of $1599.25 just beside the amount of $2023.26, is it?

    Would you mind to show us the full print screen including the labels at the top? Better still if you can write a new post with the full print screen, I'm sure many of your readers would like to figure out.

    If without labels those figures are just figures with no meaning.

    So many figures in the picture I'm just curious what actually are they.

    Hope you don't mind me asking and to be honest since you've revealed the figures half way.


    p/s: I'll be back checking for answers. :-)

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