Saturday, April 14, 2007

Hi guys, thank you for the support, I now wanna be a devil. Yes, I will be a money creator now, and I have a lot of thing to do. Devil will with me, it will give me anything I want. I wanna be a good devil. I will make most of thing for myself, but not rob, kill or rape......

This is my new Evil wishlist for my life:

1. Make 1 billion (include business and asset).

2. All my family member have good health (no sickness).

3. Married with my dream women (must loyal,beautiful and ... anything that a good wife should have).

4. Have a castle (my home, also can call my world).

5. Mc Laren Sportcar(the fastest and most expensive sportcar in the road).

6. Birth 2 smart and cute babys (a boy and a girl).

7. Travel to 60 countries in the world (Dont wanna go to all).

8. Do charity (anything that).

9. Give scholarship (give to students that is gifted and needed).

10.Recovery the World (reducing the polution).

Maybe be a blogger impossible archieve this result, so I will combine with virtual and unvirtual business. Devil, you take away something from me, I know you will give me something in return. At least, I can do and get more thing if I be a good devil blogger. I think, I do, and I must be a good devil blogger.

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  1. Anonymous said...
    Hiye :D okok u r a good devil blogger and your 1 billion in $$ sounds good.. remember to pass 1% to me :D ahahha..
    Observer said...
    wow... u sure u okay ..... some of your wish maybe devil cant grant u
    Anonymous said...
    oh.. no.1 I like tht.
    ColourfulWorld said...
    friend, while i was busy with my thesis, something "happened" to you. i just found out after reading your post on 10/4.

    first of all, i hope you are already in steady state by now. i'm not sure if you understand this concept but if you were to be successful in your next relationship. you must understand that:

    1)men are driven by logic
    2)women are driven by feeling

    put in a simple form, there is no way you could use logic to prove your stance as often times it will make the situation worse.

    anyway, it's good to have passion. i like the way you are behaving now, channeling the negative energy to your work and dream.

    be a good devil!
    LOUI$$ said...
    Thanks to all, by the way, colourful world, that thing have effect me a lot, but i now reframing myself, I will write some article to explain this behavior. Stay tune ya! :)
    ColourfulWorld said...
    i will definitely wanna listen to your story. anyway, i've posted some sharing about relationship. hope it helps! =)

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