Sunday, January 21, 2007

Just Blog For No Reason

What the.... sorry, recently i get a lot of stress from my new university life. I also working part time now, so i just free for couple hours a day.... In that couple hours i mostly finish with reading on other site and blog, so no time blogging anymore! Study? I haven't touch my text book yet since i enter blogging sphere. Another problem for me is that i don't have Internet connection from my home (my hostel). That why i finish a lot money to surf net. But Malaysia Internet connection provide by Stremyx. My housemate registered but wait for couple of week.

Do you know that i have provide a3 columns Kubrick theme template recently?

I have found some special template, but i won't reveal it first until i can move it to 3 columns in this couple weeks! This template is SUPERD! So please do update recently!

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  1. Anonymous said...
    wow..your page looks just like this blogspot beta?

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