Thursday, January 4, 2007

Hello my dear readers and visitors, recently i just post about Google PR Judgment days In 3 days, then this post is to guide you what is Google PageRank(PR) actually did. Does PR really matters? How does it help a blog or website anyway?

1.Higher PR means Google like your site more than others. Generally, your pages will get higher rank in google search result (there are many other factors though).

2.After you have high PR, then this is your money TIME! How to make money? If you have PR 4 blog or website for example, you can sell link for $4-$7 a month while PR 7 can sell for a minimum price,$25 per month and this price is only for a link!!!!

m3.As you all know, more visitors = more click! I am sure why most of the blogger or webmaster earn a lot, because PR can give your adsense or others CTA earn more. So thanks Google PR!

Anyway, don't spend too much time on PR thingy. Focus on content and you will reach there.Now i just wait for the JUDGMENT DAY, and wish to get PR4 this time. I will update if have any changing.^^

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  1. Omni said...
    It looks like the re-ranking of PR is happening NOW; you can check your progress here:

    Normally, when they check all the data centers they all give the same #... but when they start giving different #'s for a given URL, that normally means a re-rank is underway.
    Googlr said...
    I think people are mistaken by the meaning of pagerank. pagerank does not mean that where your website/blog is listed on google but it simply gives a score for your website/blog out of 10.
    LOUI$$ said...

    if i found it, i tell you, or you can try search from google.


    you are right, we just can wait only,cheer!


    It's a score for us, and also a popularity rank too, hehe!
    Anonymous said...
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    Thank you.
    Googlr said...
    Hi ruben,
    I am happy to exchange link with you if you want it too as well.
    Googlr said...
    Lui$$ I have added you on my blog. Please link me to your blog.
    Richard said...
    This is the first I really thought about pagerank (heard of it before) So I checked today and mine is 4/10 which is cool but what things are done to get this higher, I'm not sure what I did to get to 4 :)
    LOUI$$ said...
    you added.


    you added.


    Anonymous said...
    Today is 9th... Did google updated the PR?? If yes then am cursed, becoz mine is still zero and i was expecting atleast 4.

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