Thursday, January 18, 2007

After i just change my blog template to kubrick theme from word press, as i promise, i also would like to share with all of you too! This theme have been upgrade to blogger v3.0 by kaie ( he currently at military camp for three months), and now is upgrade to 3 columns template by me!

The Features that i provide here are listed at below:


Three columns sidebar

Expandable posts with Peekaboo view

Peek-A-Boo view of posts in label/archive pages

Author comment highlighting and notification

Comments with profile photos

Please don't remove the link at the bottom of the blog, thanks!


How to install:

Click Template tab and then Edit Html link. Backup your existing template by clicking Download Full Template link. Click Browse button, select your favorite style and Upload.

Demo Kubrick Theme

UPDATE 26/04/07

You just Right click here and choose "Save Target As" to download this templates files. Then follow the above installation instruction.

ADD :You may also interested to use one click widget and minima full hack template.

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  1. Ajey said...
    hey man, thanks a lot. i was exactly searching for that. i am now looking for to template. definitely it will look gft.
    LOUI$$ said...
    @amey jah,

    Thanks for drop a line here, why not you download it?
    Anonymous said...
    nice blog...keep ur effort...
    Anonymous said...
    Hey, I like the comment pop up and the whole thing went black in the background. Is that a java? Can email me the details on how you do it?
    Gary said...
    Thanks for this, I am going to try it! :)
    Unknown said...
    You might want to add Social networking to this template? And a related post hack would be neat..

    Let me know if u r gonna be working on it:P

    But really the coolest uber awesome template..the best template for blogger:P..nice work
    Ajey said...
    well i down;loaded but it seems that you want all ppl to join the yahoo group site for downloading. can you give put it elsewhere such googlepages.
    LOUI$$ said...
    @To all, i will try my best to spend sometime to write some tutorial, but take some time, i really busy so far!
    Unknown said...

    How to get the firefox referral on TOP..just as you did? Please help
    Anonymous said...
    hi man, i use this template for my blog.. thanks for share, but how to make 'read more...'?
    actually i have check in Edit HTML but i don't understand..?? can u make some simple tutorial for 'read more...' in beta version?
    Anonymous said...
    Hi,, i'`ve join the group...but cannot download the files...WHY??
    I really like this template..
    Anonymous said...
    Thank you very much for your help!
    Anonymous said...
    error la, blogger says

    Your template could not be parsed as it is not well-formed. Please make sure all XML elements are closed properly.
    XML error message: The document type declaration for root element type "html" must end with '>'.
    LOUI$$ said...
    Hi anonymous, you please download my original post,that is better! :D
    Anonymous said...
    Hey Louiss,

    Your template doesn't work. Why? Having the same problem as anonymous? Any conclusion or your just buying our email address! Not good bro.
    norzeh said...
    your template doesn't work, are you only getting our email address or what?
    LOUI$$ said...
    hi hezron, sorry for that inconvenience. I don't need the list, just record who have come in before, that's, I hate spammer la.I have correct it, please check it out.
    Anonymous said...
    how can i upload the template to blogger? i don't know how to upload it, because i only copy paste it so it doesn't work. please help! please explain it in details how to upload the template in blogger.thanks a lot
    LOUI$$ said...
    Hi Anonymous, ok, I provide a little guideline here:

    1. Right click when you in the yahoo files pages, then click on "save target as".

    2. Go to your blog html then click on browse, then you open the file you "save target as", and upload it. Done!
    Yunita said...
    Widgets are about to be deleted
    Please confirm that the following widgets should be deleted. All the widgets' configuration data will be lost.
    ----> after upload
    then I confirm and save
    We're sorry, but we were unable to complete your request.

    When reporting this error to Blogger Support or on the Blogger Help Group, please:

    Describe what you were doing when you got this error.
    Provide the following error code and additional information.

    HELP ME !!!
    Anonymous said...
    i still can't use your template, i can't find the browse button on blogger. can you please help me to use this template.
    LOUI$$ said...
    OK guyz, I just fix it up, now you can directly save it from googlepages, too many problem with Yahoo! So this would solve the problem, I have update with installation instuction too. Sorry for any inconvinience to you, sorry.
    Anonymous said...
    Hey Louis... would you mind checking out my site using your kubrick please. The right side bar there is large gaps between content. Also my expandable post is not working, should I put a specific script for this or have you already done it and now it is not working? Please leave a message on my website please if you don't mind. Many thanks Yunita
    Own said...
    I wanna collect ur 3 blogger template in my blog, thanks for ur template..
    Unknown said...
    Nice but need more work like bits of alignment here and there. But still a great theme, thanks
    admin said...
    hi there. i like the template. i plan to use it in my other website. thanks for sharing it.
    Blogtip said...
    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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