Friday, April 20, 2007

Do you know Google PR will update soon, very very soon? Do Google PR Important to your websites or blogs? Then what you should do now to get high google PR? So here is some guide line that i have done with Blogging Secret to get Pr5. My blog just consist of 50+ posts when the first Google Pr Update on January, 2007. I never give hope on that time, just work hard and smart, then result is unexpected, pr5. Google love me, sure will love you too.

So is this interesting? I bet you wanna have pr5 or better too right? Ok, just follow my 4 simple steps, then 99% you can get high Google PR in your "NICHES".

This is not mean just a high pr blog or website, but also the content of that blog, must relevant to your blog too. This is called quality links. How many you should have? Depend on competition, I can't say that you must have 100 links or 10 links, is base on your competitor. Like mine, only need to have 10 links or more to get high pr. Anyone wanna challenge me? :)

You can change with any blog or website. If you have 0 pr, then you may change link with any blog you like, up to you. How many link? As much as possible! Any topic, any niches. This also will help you too.

Yup, submit it too blog directory or any directory that accept you. Some are recopical, some are one way link. So is your choice too. Dont submit too much in a day, google think you are spammer too. Make it as long term SEO.

You may write a review and get a linkback from me. This is the faster method to get linkback and traffics. And is legal to do so. (Google now planning to ban Text Link Ads and ReviewMe!. Both are middle man to buy and sell links.)

I mention this around 1000 times to my readers and friends. You write in your own way, dont too bother your grammar when you start writing or blogging. Last time my blog, Business Mentor, I copy from other directories, no people like it. Why? Because that is not you, who write the article. People can now if they always come to your blog. Of course, this post grammar too bad, is my style. lolz!

Enjoy your new Google PR, enjoy your income.

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  1. Anonymous said...
    When is the update date? Eager to see can I rise or not... Lolz

    Your blog surely is a good blog... No doubt of its quality...
    LOUI$$ said...
    Hi yp, is now,is update now!!! Not all is update, but is continously update. So just smile!
    Admin said...
    You have a good blog man. Very usefull information and articles.
    LOUI$$ said...
    Mr Gee, thanks ya. So please enjoy your reading here. Good luck to your success!
    Hoon by TPH said...
    Man, it's going to take me sometime to submit the to the directories. But, I will do it in order to get PR.

    Thanks for the list of directories.
    Hoon by TPH said...
    Man, it's going to take me sometime to submit to these directories. But, I will do it. I want to get PR.

    If I have PR1, I can have more opportunities writing reviews.

    Thanks for the list of directories.
    LOUI$$ said...
    Hi Vedis, SEO is not you can do it over night, just a long term SEO(good SEO, like long term investment, good money.), relax, and done it 1% a day, I sure this will help you.
    Kvin said...
    1 day may be submit 5 to 10 directory will do... but not 100% approve.
    LOUI$$ said...
    Yup Kvin, this is long term SEO! So no need to rush.

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