Sunday, January 28, 2007

I'm very apologizes, this is what i do before google (PR) love me. Blogging also similar with real life. When you love someone that she or he doesn't know you, you will try your best(trick) to make she or he fall in love with you too.

Same thing i did to google, i love google and i hope google love me too. I make a lot of backlink around me, to make google know me more, at last with NEVER GIVE UP spirit, you will get google heart!

Like a women or men, they love fresh,good looking and friendly person! Google too! Google love fresh, good and friendly contents, then you will get near it!

After a trial time, women or men will evaluate how are you perfomance, how many points you get. Google do the same thing (basically every 3 months), you will get high points you can a lot attract attention from it!

Now you can stay with the person you love, happily ever after. Google love me too(Now PR5)!LOLZ!

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  1. Googlr said...
    Hi luiss,
    When I first visitded your blog I unearth the lot of stuff that I have implemented on my blog. But now your blog does not appear what it meant to be. I think you are loosing the whole idea of the existence of your blog. I am not criticing but the morale of your blog no longer exist. Your blog does not fulfil the purpose of the people who visit it.
    I hope you unerstand what am I trying to say to you.
    Anonymous said...
    just nak tanye, knp PR blog saya bleh turun mendadak, dulu 3 skrg 1
    LOUI$$ said...
    @googlr, maybe you misunderstand with the title, BLogging Secret. Blogging Secret is everything that related to blogging, pr, traffic, make money, blog hack, blog tips and so on...
    LOUI$$ said...
    @delang, how often you blog? How far your blog can reach? Do you have linkin by others?
    Anonymous said...
    well, mine went up to pr1 from 0, not bad for a non-niche blog hehehe. probable I need to dig a niche to blog on.

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