Thursday, February 1, 2007

Hi to all, recently i get a comment that blogging secret out of topic. But now i need to sound out my voice, i'm not out of topic, i'm not OUT of blogging secret!

Everything that i post in blogging secret is related to blogging! When you blogging, do you need PR? PR is not important for blogging? Is that PR not a part of blogging? If you have a blog, but google dont like you, how far can you go?

Is that introduce some site are not helping blogging? That's not a secret? Believe me, everthing is related!

Recently i'm super busy with working, study and a bunches of assignments! Do you think i do have toturial to share with? I have nearly 20 post keep it in my account, just need to wait for me to complete it, then post!

I really wish my readers to be patient. I will show you the most important post then some useful tutorial when i have time! Another surprise will coming out soon it you keep coming back to blogging secret recently, 100%!

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