Thursday, April 19, 2007

Hi guys, I cannot stay calm anymore, too much scam in the internet! So I get the list to show you all! Be caution, those are danger scam programs! DON'T JOIN THIS!

Al-Arabic Fund (
ABB Fund (
Asia Wallet/ASWtrader/Splitindex Inc (
AM Global Management (

BHG e-investment (
Bidvask Investment Ltd (
Buy-e-barrel (
Brentwood Trust Company (
Belton Market (

Cambridge Capital Trading

Data Saham (
Dana Futures (
Dana Modal (

E-suisse Fund (
Euro America Index (
E-Barrel (

Gold Quest/ Quest International (
Goldmill Wagner Ltd / GA Worldwide (
Global Investment Network System (

Mercury Acquisition Associates (
Montego Finance & Securities Berhad (
My Dinar (
Mind-X Solutions Sdn Bhd (
My Share (

Oregon Invest (

Pure Investor / PIPS (,
Prowealth Solutions (

Quest International (
Quest (

Remisier (

Sunshine Empire (
Swiss Mutual Fund (, *(Press Release)
Sweden Fund (
Solid Group (
Solid Investment (
Smartcash (
Sime Securities (
Starr-Bradley Associates Inc (

Tian Ping (

UeBond (
United Capital Management Inc (

Whitman Pearce & Partners (

3A Consulting Group Sdn Bhd

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  1. ColourfulWorld said...
    thanks for the info. have been watching this topic closely recently. there will be more to be added to the list. this is just the beginning!

    thanks for the attempt in saving many people out there!
    LOUI$$ said...
    Very danger...take care ya...If my blog can tell all the malaysian..then i feel better!
    ColourfulWorld said...
    well, actually i have doubts on our own SC. it seems like they just put whatever they like. If you want better references, try checking out the alert list from Hong Kong and Singapore. Right now the list from Sg is not available. Maybe you can make certain level of comparison from all the lists and share with all. =)

    good luck!
    Daniel said...
    Woe your site is real good, can u give me some tips as to how to increase my blog traffic. My blog is Please e-mail me with the tips at
    Erhu Freak said...
    Great info... Often sites that seem promising, gives you high return actually pays peanuts or not paid at all. Therefore, they are scams. Internet is really a dangerous place to venture if anyone is not careful enough.
    LOUI$$ said...
    Hi joyce, I agree with you. But if you think of sponsored post, this is real, you can make money from it! :D
    Kvin said...
    1 month ago my friend intro me buyebarrel, they told me from US, but i check the domain whois, it is from s'pore, lucky i didn join

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