Friday, March 16, 2007

You wanna have a free linkback? Here you are. The concept is simple - review my blog and I’ll link to your review. The review must be at least 200 words long and you have to include a link to the blog home page and this post. You are free to link to any other posts as well. You are to be completely honest with the review - state what you like and don’t like about the site. It doesn’t matter what categories your blog covers and it doesn’t have to be in English. I will accept all reviews.

Once the review is done, send me an email with the URL to your review. After a half dozen reviews or so, I’ll make a post like I did in The Reviews Are Coming In with links to all the reviews.

This deal may not be as sweet as the PayPerPost deal where you’ll get a linkback and $5.00 but for the new blog with no PageRank and no backlinks, this is your chance to get some much needed exposure and receive a linkback from a blog that is ranked 13,710 on Technorati and PR5(you know this would help you a lot).

Even without the prize, I recommend you do your best review possible. Remember, your review will be read by a lot of readers and they will be commenting on it. Their comments will help me decide which blog to give the prize to. This is your chance to show off the quality of your blog.

Good luck, have fun and I look forward to reading the reviews.

**Take NOTE
Every review must link to this post and the blog home page using the anchor text “make easy money online.” Here’s an example of what I want.

Blogging Secret is a blog that helps you make easy money online. He is offering to link to your blog if you review his blog.

Other than the above requirements, you are free to say whatever you want in the review - good or bad. You are also free to link to any articles I’ve written as part of the review.

Thanks JohnChow, you concept is great!

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  1. Anonymous said...
    Wats up??

    You know Goa... its famous for its beaches. I have a blog on this place... Goa Blog...

    I found your blogs very interesting ya... I wonder if we could exchange links.. wat say?

    let me know.. it will be good for you as i get 7500+ hits per day and for me it will be good because i will get to display links, of the categories you write on, on my blog. Currently i am trying to cover 1 blog link of 1 category each like tech.., cooking.. jokes.. etc.

    Give me a link with title : GOA

    Reply... i'll give you link within 24hrs

    Anonymous said...
    You know Goa...its famous for its beaches. I have a blog on this place...Goa Blog...,I found your blogs very interesting ya...I wonder if we could exchange links..wat say?let me will be good for you as i get 7500+ hits per day and for me it will be good because i will get to display links, of the categories you write on, on my blog. Currently i am trying to cover 1 blog link of 1 category each like tech.., cooking.. jokes.. etc.Give me a link with title : GOA,URL:,Reply... i'll give you link within 24hrs
    ugyen said...
    Hey man, Good to see you come up with such lovely idea..!! you rock mann..!!!
    LOUI$$ said...
    Hi GOA, I will linkback to you with the condition of this post, please read the instruction.

    Thank You
    LOUI$$ said...
    Ugyen, now is your time to write for me man, would hear from you soon!
    Anonymous said...
    I can't find the blogrolls/exchanged links on ur site anymore.. where are they?
    LOUI$$ said...
    Hi steven, I loss it when i upgrade my template, so sorry. You may paticipate this contest anytime! Thanks
    ugyen said...
    Hey Loui$$$$, how much you gonnaa $$$$$ me to review your blogs!!! :-) lolz, anyway good to see you back in blogging, how did you do you exam!!!!
    Lovely said...
    Nice blog, i really appreicate your hacks and secrets. I have implemented some of ur hacks on my blog also. NIce review with cool contents. Keep it up.

    Best Regards,
    Eliena Andrews
    LOUI$$ said...
    I'm fine man, how are you man? My exam is ok but still have another one to go tomorrow! Wish god bless me! hahaha! I have something to discuss with you later. Wish you review my blog too! Hahaha!
    Anonymous said...
    Just came to your blog through one of the links.The concept is really very nice and though I have just seen your blog and it is a good resource for the new bloggers ;-)

    Wait for my detailed review ;-)

    (Contributor to
    (Blogger at
    ColourfulWorld said...
    you open up my eyes with an easy-to-go manner... i'll take the challenge to write something about your blog for you have provided me a lot of useful information. Thx!
    Unknown said...
    Just come to say hello.
    Great Idea.

    LOUI$$ said...
    Himanshu and colourworld, those linkback will come out tomorrow, stay tune.

    Thank you.
    WAHM said...
    Came via Edward fr Maximizing Revenue profits. You got a great blog. Has definitely impressed me at this young age. I'll be doing a review on your blog.. will drop you a note when done. Keep up the great work.
    Anonymous said...
    I've done a review for you at :-

    Blogging Secret

    I couldn't find your email and I had to put it here.
    Anonymous said...
    Hello there!

    Hey how do i email you? What's your email?
    Anonymous said...
    Nice blog. Why you got many visitors from India wan hor?
    LOUI$$ said...
    Hi Rene, just send to And FullMetal Alchemist fandom,good question, because India ppl like to learn more than my malaysia. Lolz
    Observer said...
    Malaysia's John Chow ?

    My review for ya is ready. :-)

    Bump me up Technorati !
    justvenkys said...
    Hi! Your blog is wonderful, it has the right content for all the bloggers, i like to call u as adsense guru.
    Give me a link back to my blog
    Just send a message to me after doing it to my mail id
    Hoon by TPH said...
    Hi, Louiss,

    I have written a review on your blog. Check it out at Review

    Anonymous said...
    Hi louiss,

    I have just came across your blog, liked it and was going to ask for a link exchange, when I noticed this post.

    I would be happy to review such a great blog...but I would really appreciate it if you also link to my blog's homepage with the text "Internet Business Promotion And Opportunities".

    I know that my blog's PR is 0, but I am expecting to get a good PR in the coming update (that is in the coming days).

    Hope that's ok with you!

    Best Regards,
    Internet Business Promotion And Opportunities Blog
    ryan said...

    Sorry to be getting in on this so late, but if you can just verify that this is still going would be more than happy to for a link back. Thanks!
    LOUI$$ said...
    Hi ryan444123, yes, still available. I need I more link for coming season, everyone is shooting me now for late update. Haha!!! So please hurry up!!!
    CyberSt0rm said...
    I'm going to do a review of your site. Will let you know as soon as its done.


    cyberst0rm's tech blog
    Anonymous said...
    Good Job...thanks for your invitation,hope to get more knowledge
    from you.

    Anonymous said...
    woot! Now I know what you mean by link the word 'make easy money online'. It took me sometimes to get all of these stuff understanding completely. So back in my review, the words have been linked up. Please visit again and comment if I'm doing to right way. Cheers.
    Anonymous said...
    I have ever made a review exchange for you, but i don't want to ask you to review me back, since i don't think that's a good review yet :)

    but later after i made a good review about your blog, i'll soon make a contact with you :)

    thanks louiss
    xBrain said...
    hi louiss,
    i`ve mADE a review for you,
    check it out @

    hope that you will give the linkback for me
    Admin said...
    Hi Louiss,
    Your blog is really amazin, has lotta stuffs on bloggin secrets, adsense and all... Thank you so much for providing such useful information. I am new to blogging, I just started last month but after visiting your site I have started to feel that I've been bloggin for years, its because I got to know so many stuffs about bloggin. I dunno whether you would be interested to exchange links with me but I have already added your link on my blog.
    My blog link is
    Tax-Refunds said...
    Hi. I have written a list on my blog of other sites that offer links for reviews (in order of Page Rank). I thought you might be interested in adding yours or using the list to get some links from some high PR blogs. If its of use, maybe you would be kind enough to link to it on your blog. Thanks David
    Anonymous said...
    Do you accept reviews in spanish? I wanna write about your blog at
    LOUI$$ said...
    Fabian, you may review in spanish language. :)
    Sneezy Melon said...
    I like this concept. Though I dont have much time rite now to review blogs, but I'd sure write one for this one perhaps after a month when I'm considerably free. Nice Concept :D


    Sneezy Melon

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