Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Make Money Online Secret

Hi dear readers, do you saw recently I have a lot of sponsor posts? Yes, I post it, but not I’m written it. Hah! Why? I'm using OPT concept, you learn it before? Ok, This is a book I had read 2 years ago, Poor’s Dad, Rich’s Dad. This is a great book and I implement some of the concept into my blogging secret. It's my making money online secret!

OPT- Other People Time, yes, you buy other people to do it for you but you still profit on it, this call business. Do you agree?

I had hire around 10 peoples to write those sponsor post for me and they get their commission as well I am. The amount from the advertiser give to me I will use around 20%-30% to pay my employee. Is this great? Yes, if you have high PR and you can get a lot of offer from bunch of advertisers.

If I can get more blogs with high PR in future then I will hire a secretary to manage do manage those typing work for me. What do you think? Would blogging will be our business? Please leave your comment and we will discuss it together.

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  1. luukmuu said...
    Dear... louiss lim
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    Woraporn Lakkanacheewan
    LOUI$$ said...
    Hi Woraporn, thanks to drop a line. Actually I'm mixed chinese-siamies blood in Malaysia. I love to give a link, but I will organise a review competition today. Stay tune!
    ColourfulWorld said...
    speaking of OPT, if you wanna optimize your status in Malaysia, i would like to suggest that you open up a private limited company and start expanding your blogging ventures there. This is similar to a newspaper/press company but you can handle it in a more user-friendly way.

    Judging the condition now in Malaysia, you can actually implement both online and offline system to boost your blogging business. If you setup a physical facility soon you will be able to venture into more field of business.

    One good example is that those who wish to venture into cyberspace to sell their services and products will need your help to do that. Poeple will alway check the track record of the company before thinking of working together or investing on it. So if you can merge both online and offline into 1 systematic package i strongly believe you will achieve great success in the Malaysian Scenario.

    My humble opinion here. If you wish to engage more discussion or brainstorming feel free to contact me... =)
    blogger said...
    hi... do you mean that sponsors is coming for you to give them a review or there's a third party involved? i myself have a blog with pr 3. i make a good money with money4blogs recently. i wonder any other way a blog can make money.. got some?
    LOUI$$ said...
    Hi restu, if you believe me, you will earn money. So what have you participate so far? You may share here.

    Thank you.
    LOUI$$ said...
    Colourful world, you wanna setup a blogging company with me? ;) If yes please to email me, when can discuss about it further.
    Anonymous said...
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