Saturday, March 17, 2007

My Year 2007 Wishlists!!!

Yes, I have my wishlists, today I will show to you what is my list for this year,2007.


1.Make my $10000 usd in the end of year 2007.

2.Reach 500 above for feedburner readers.(Now 157 readers)

3.Reach 1000 blogs link to Blogging Secret.(Now 269 links)

4.Get 1000 members to MyBlogLog Community.(Now 578 members)

5.Get Google Pr 6. (Now Pr 5)

6.Financial freedom.

7.Success in Online Marketing.

8.Organise a seminar in my University.

9.My 10 wordpress blogs.

10.Me and all of my family, friends, readers always in good health, balance and make money.

Some of it maybe is impossible, but I never give up for the chances of possibility.

Impossible is nothing, Nothing is impossible

Remember!I will show the miracle to you. (Still have 289 days to go.)

Have any ideas to share with me? Feel free to drop a comment, thank you.

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  1. ugyen said...
    LOui$$$, great man, i guess you can fulfill your wishlist!!! share you secret with us as well!!!
    LOUI$$ said...
    Thanks man, I try my best to show all, but is too many ways to earn money online!
    kickmeaway said...
    I'm jealous laa!
    Christy said...
    Those are some awesome goals!
    Sean said...
    Great list. If you keep your mind to it and strive for the best you should be able to do it in no time.

    You should watch the movie "The Secret." My mom bought it and I watched a bit of it and they have to awesome information on becoming successful. It's all about the laws of attraction.....attract what you want and it will come.

    Good luck!
    LOUI$$ said...
    Thank you christy, tan and dinner, this just a small wish from me, i wish this wish will come true, this year of course! Hehe

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