Monday, March 19, 2007

No more blogging secret? You are wrong. I now dig for more secret while I'm making money. Non stop on research was made by me since the day I wanna change my mind to online marketer.

Here is my reasons:
1.Wanna proof of the payment from the advertiser PPP and SR before I really recommend.

2.Try to make a business, I now hiring writer and secretary to manage my PPP and SR so I have an income to realise my wish (10000 usd).

3.Make money of course, I constructing more money machine recently, wish I can show you all soon.

With this 3 reasons, I know my readers will understand me, I don't like conflict, best wish to me, thanks!

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  1. Asghar Javed said...
    Valid reasons. BTW, I have similar templete but could not have two sidebarrs. How did you do that. Is it simple?
    WAHM said...
    money machine? love to hear more about that. You have a strong business acumen... subcontract is the way to go if your goal is to make big bucks online.
    LOUI$$ said...
    dorischua, thank you to drop a comment. Yes, I on the way to the internet business, I paid for less than 10% but i get 90% without to think anything. You get what i mean?
    WAHM said...
    yea.. that's called 'outsourcing'.. you are on the road to becoming a savvy entrepreneur. Good on u.

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