Thursday, March 1, 2007

Online Marketing OR Blogging?

Online Marketing or just blogging? I still haven't make any decision on which one i should choose? I know that online market can be a millionaire but how about blogging? I dont think blogging can make a million in a year but online marketing, maybe will bring up my dream.

So if i have to choose one, i cant give up blogging secret, this is my sweet little success and memory in my internet journey with a 4 months old.

What do you think? I should give up blogging secret? Anyone wanna continue with blogging secret? Please help me, thanks!

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  1. protesto said...
    You don't have to choose one. You can continue to blogging, but not for money, for fun. If you build an online market, you can advertise it on your blog.
    Unknown said...
    Continue blogging. Thumb up.
    Anonymous said...
    Well , ask yourself :
    What's your interest ? Do what you like is the most important thing . Just my own opinion .

    Anonymous said...
    Is there a way to do both? You've built the content (conversation) and community here...can there be a slow transition into online marketing without getting away totally from blogging secrets?

    It's possible that much of your audience has an interest in both, yes?
    Paris David said...
    Follow your bliss, Louiss.

    Follow your bliss.
    My Lounge PC said...
    Any chance of adding please? I joined the z-list and added you to my list, my page is at:

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    many thanks!
    Anonymous said...
    My opinion is to do what you "want" to do. There is not an incorrect decision, except maybe becoming overloaded & getting burned out, which will cause neglect to one of them- more likely the blog.. It can hurt your reputation within communities, if you begin to neglect either of them, AND I do know this from personal experience. And it cost me some money immediately, but even worse it caused me to write posts that were not "quality' posts and a lot of readers may quit reading the blog/site.. Don't think i am being negative, and if you can do it & want to, then GO FOR IT!! But be careful...

    Currently, I am working 100% on-line due to recent back surgeries that limit my activities to item such as that. Now I do have time to keep up & love it, but still have to be careful not to overload..

    If you do get rid of the blog, I'd love to take it over rather than it just go into the big black blog hole... I am looking for some blogs such as this type, and a few others that people are either leaving behind or whatever the reason, b/c I deleted pretty much all the blogs I had set-up, during the period when I was working on building my sites!!

    So i you konw of anyone else let me know.. AND GOOD LUCK
    LOUI$$ said...
    Thanks to all, i will consider to continue blogging, if i have extra time, i have a lot of thing to do, c ya all when i have tutorial to show up!
    hcfoo said...
    You should continue to do both.

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