Thursday, February 8, 2007

Do you know that google webmaster tools help you? If yes, then is great! If no, please continue reading this post.

Recently google webmaster central have been updated. And here some interest point to share with you!

What you can do with this webmaster tools?
To view a much larger sample of links to pages on your site that google found on the web.

Why is this interesting?
Google have divided the world of links into two types: external and internal.

It that useful?
Yes, you can know how many link to a particular post in your blog.

I recomended to all webmaster and blogger, just click here.

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  1. ugyen said...
    LOUI$$, Nice tool for every webmaster... can track anything!!!!
    Anonymous said...
    Hello there!!! :D Can you pls add me to your blogroll? :D I've placed u in the top ten list! :D

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