Thursday, February 8, 2007

Hi to all my readers! Special new to Blogging Secret readers and visitor! Do you heard 2000 bloggers before? This is an inspiration by Tino who wanted to bring 2000 of bloggers together on a single page since January 14, 2007.

But unfortunately, Technorati try to smake down 2000 Bloggers recently, but do Technorati control or Blogosphere? But it's still open to public now with 300 spaces left, via Tino.(Extra*Elaine, Tino asistant,she have removed the first 300 bloggers because they were added to the list without asking to be added! So total are 600 now!).

So who are in the 2000 bloggers list? Darren, JohnChow and so on....are join in, why not you put your face in too? It's cool man~!

How to make the request?
Just drop a comment in 2kbloggers with a link to your blog and a link to a photo of your face. First come first serve basis.

What you waiting for? Click this express link, HERE.

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