Friday, February 9, 2007

Deniz, We With You!

Dear all bloggers, this maybe not my stlyes, but I need to show my kindness as a blogger and would like to seek help in favor of (Deniz Akay, aka protesto) who's blogs has been deleted by Blogger thinking that it was a spam....and i am sure i have read his blog lately and didn't see any kind of spams read this!

He is literally hurt and sad for his blogs, i honestly believe all of you could help Deniz Akay to restore back his blog!

So, if you want to help him , drop an email to blogger :

If you have a blogger account, you can use this form as well.

Let's all join and help Deniz Restore his Blog Back, before it happen to us.

Read this Thread Posted by Deniz

This is a post chains, please help him to spread the word by posting this again in your blog, thanks!
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  1. ugyen said...
    LOUI$$, great work man!!!
    TUFFY said...
    just wanted to take a look
    Anonymous said...
    I guess that's why many pro bloggers maintain that it's important to get your own domain hosted on a paid host although I do notice that many high-ranking bloggers such as yourself use a free blogging service.

    Maybe you can post your POV on this?
    meiling said...
    I received an automated email from blogger two weeks ago for the same reason as well. They suspected that it was a scam blog & requested for me to verify that it was not a spam blog. I simply replied the email asking for human intervention. It was unblocked in 2 days. I'm not sure how this information could help - but I hope it does.

    I notice that it probably triggered some algorithm after I exported my existing blogger content into my self-hosted wordpress blog. It could be the reason - as they would see two similar blog entries. I changed both blog entries & now have different entries altogether, so as to make matters easier to solve.

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