Saturday, May 5, 2007

Text Link Ads

Hi guys, make easy money online again? Do you feel bore with too easy to make money online? I hope you don't. That is really easy. But today a bit different, I will recommend you one of the best selling links market in the internet, Text-Link-Ads.

Some of you must be familiar with Text-link-ads, they do pay well too when we affiliate new blogger to them. This is my 2nd source of income. Do you know that blogspot blogger can make money too with selling links at Text-Link-Ads?

Until now I haven't make any sales with selling links but I would recommended you to join Text-Link-Ads. Why? Do you know that when you refer a webmaster or blogger to this program you will earn $25 per person? Well, this is what I earn from. I just wanna share with you. I have get my first payment on Feb 2007.

What you should have before start applying this program?

1. A blog or website.

2. At least google PageRank(PR) 2.

3. You dare to apply.

Nothing to lose if you didn't success. Let say you success, you have the opportunity to duplicate $25 as many as you can.

What are you waiting for? Sign Up Now! I can do it, so are you!

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  1. Fran said...
    Hi Louis,
    Can you sign up with Text Link Ads and have adsense too?
    Louis I am new at blogging and I need help with setting up:
    RSS, delicious, stumble on, and
    maybe others?
    Some have asked me for rss url when
    I sign up - what is rss url?
    Thank you if you can help,
    LOUI$$ said...
    Hi fran civile, you can sign up any program you want and TLA just fine to put together with Adsense too. About social bookmarking, you just use, that is more than enough!

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