Sunday, May 6, 2007

Recently I thinking about this matter, don't know why. After I break up last month, I mostly spend my time with blogging and help other bloggers to solve their blog problem. After all, I still need to think about my future and my life. I cannot run from this.

How long would I wanna be a blogger? For my whole life? Well, I really think to be a blogger for my whole life! No kidding. But is that blogger is also count as a profession or career? For now, Malaysia not include blogger as a profession. So who is a blogger? Who always update contents for readers and himself in their interest while make money from 1000 advertisers. I have a question to all the bloggers around the world, will you marry with a blogger?

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  1. Anonymous said...
    I think the profession is irrelevant, it's the personality that counts. Bloggers I have met are not the same as their online personality. A masquerade...
    Anonymous said...
    First of all, you can not "Married" with a blogger. You can only "marry" them.

    Secondly, what is actually wrong with being a blogger? If you want to do full time blogging and earn from the advertising, then go ahead.

    I don't think being a full-time blogger and a great lover is a problem, as long as you get the priorities right.

    Stop thinking negatively of bloggers would ya? we're not losers you know!
    LOUI$$ said...
    Gallivanter, yup, most of bloggers have different personality between real and virtual.

    Fird, one of the reason why my X leave is because i was blogging, damn her. 2nd, their parents will check your background and dig all your story, before they willing to pass their daughter to you. 3rd, if she is working at outside, will you go out and fetch her back on time? (3rd point is what i always cannot do while I searching for info at home)!
    Aileen_g said...
    hey, what's so bad about blogging?

    you get fame, get the money, get to do the things you like! you are helping people around too you know.

    if you fear of blogging not bringing you to good terms with your relationships in real life, maybe you can do other jobs while blog when you have the time?

    you just need to balance.
    ColourfulWorld said...
    i agree with Aileen_g, balance is a very important aspect to be considered in life. I can feel your love towards blogging.So don't give it up!

    When it comes to relationship, all u need to know is to achieve mutual understanding. I'm sure there is a way for both party to give and take at the same time. Trust me, you will eventually find someone that suits you, especially the one who likes blogging like you.

    Just believe in yourself. If you are not sure how you would react to the surrounding world, i suggest that you go take up a personality profiling test. Here i would like to recommend Credo Personality Profiling (CPP) for it has over 30 years of history and statistics. You'll find ur strength and weakness through the test. =)

    Good luck!
    Swapw said...
    Louiss, don't forget to link me back!

    Anonymous said...
    nothing wrong being a blogger
    I guess u need to find urself a blogger 2b ur gf instead :)
    Anonymous said...
    i will!!!... currently looking for female blogger... i think is less... any once many percent...
    BetShopBoy said...
    Hi Louis

    So fast thinking and worried about your marriage? You are still young, all i can say is, cherish the freedom while you are still single!

    I've been married 7 yrs and I know what i'm talking about. LOL!!
    LOUI$$ said...
    well betshopboy, every successful man behind them sure have a women who always support them.

    iCalvyn, share with me too if got ya! I interested in this! hehehe :D

    ipohchai, I still searching la, the quantity of female blogger not much in malaysia. Maybe I invest oversea la. kakakaka :D

    colourful world and aileen, yup, balance, maybe now is not the time, still need to wait. One day when it's come, I wanna resist also cannot liao. :D
    Anonymous said...
    you can work on your blogs some good years, get pr, to do daily updates and after that somebody reports your blog as spam and during the monent you lost all your work.
    Anonymous said...
    ...will you marry a blogger?... YES. I am a blogger myself a young blogger, I blog everyday and I blog just about anything. Why not, have a blogger as partner cool man! will you marry me?
    Maria Papoila said...

    Please go to my blog and see my last post. It´s about a missing little girl.
    If you can, copy that to your blog.

    This is not spam!
    ugyen said...
    Loui$$$, well blogging is such a wonderful, you get to know lot of people and enjoy it too. well about marrying a blogger, who knows, someone might just click on your fate.. anyway
    wonderful post.
    Unknown said...
    speaking on experience, full-time blogger is difficult to know other girls. We spend too much time online and not enough social.

    I am single for years since my ex-relationship. So... sorry, it's a bad news. :P
    LOUI$$ said...
    LcF, well, this is what we have to face, maybe our belove is also a blogger? ;) I would meet malaysia blogger on the Pirates Of Caribbean 3 at Cineleisure, would you join us? ;)

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