Thursday, December 27, 2007

Secret Of Success

Wanna know the secret to becoming a successful entrepreneur? I am going to reveal you one tip which I am sure will be useful to take you towards your goal.

The tip is "Work for somebody who is already a successful entrepreneur"

Yeh! you heard it right, work for an internet entrepreneur. I know that is sounds boring and requires a lot of hard work initially but believe me it does pay off very well in the end.

If you approach the pro like a beggar asking for "tips" for making money quickly and easily without much work (I have seen many of these guys) they tend to ignore you. But once you build a good rapport with them, they wont even think twice to tell you their "secrets".

I worked as a virtual assistant to these masters for around two years. Initially they gave me boring stuff like link building, directory submission, etc. I gained enough experience of the various methods used by the pros. Then they started telling me about some other tricks which I was completely unaware of.

I now work independently and know most of the tricks (both white and black) necessary for successfully implementing a method. There are certain nuances in each trick and they do make a lot of difference. Most of the methods which we read on this forum and on the web require be to tweaked. If you copy them as they are, chances are that you wont be able to extract most of the "juice" from them. Every individual is unique and needs a unique approach towards them.

So get that ass moving and do something. There is no substitute to hard work and dedication.

Work hard and work "smart", otherwise you just end up being a donkey. Good Luck guys.


  1. Naufal said...
    Wow!!! :)
    Ryan said...
    This follows the rule that we should not try to reinvent the wheel! The secret is to model someone who is already successful!
    Yoolees said...
    Great tips.

    I can relate to the part where "you ask help from a problogger and they will ignore you"... I remember there was a time when I asked help from a blogger and he just ignored my email.

    When time comes I will be successful, I won't be like them. I will be willing to help newbies just like what you are doing.

    Keep sharing. Hope you will help me on how to be a successful blogger :D

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    takemoneyfree said...
    it is great tips thank to motivate
    Ampuh said...
    Yes right ....
    Revi said...
    hi all of you

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