Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year 2008!!

Happy New Year 2008!!! I so happy today, so many thing happen. I didn't go anywhere count down! But still happy after wake up I was get paid by my advertiser around $130.:P

I love my life!!! What happen to you first day of 2008? Feel free to share with me, I will appreciated it!


  1. kickmeaway said...
    what advertiser?
    Dragon said...
    really a good news in the early morning to get email from advertiser telling u that they paid you. somemore, it's not less, it's 130!! if everyday i woke up and get a mail like this, that will be nice!
    victor said...
    you might not have gone anywmeer but you got paid 130!!!
    LOUI$$ said...
    kakashi, cari sendiri. :P

    @dragon, this can happen to anyone, include you, just hardworking, dont stop where you standing now, move forward, success will near your life.

    @victor, 130 too little, I wish get 1000 check. :P
    roslimh said...
    Happy New Year to you too and congrats on your earning and your awesome blog. Will comeback to explore more. Cheers.
    Eddy said...
    nice to know that you're earning so much! and your tips are good
    Anonymous said...
    Dear Friend
    Congrats for your 130 bucks.
    It seems that you are trying earnestly for your blog.

    Your adverising company pays you only when somebody clicks the ads.
    Will it not be great if you are paid for every visitor ?
    Well there is a program, which is absolutely free to join,but hurry up.
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    With warm regards I remain.Thank You.
    Irene aka Sweet Surrender said...
    Hello, hello hehehe... Thanks for greeting me hehehe... I was so don't know how to mix around when I'm there. Someone needed to come uo to me:P
    Irene aka Sweet Surrender said...
    By the way, I'm Irene of Sweet Surrender :P
    Anonymous said...
    Blogging secret?? Blogging is never secret! Hahahah

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