Sunday, August 12, 2007

What do you think the most powerful way to make money with blogging? You must have NETWORK too. I have try many out there, at last I go for networking.

Why networking? You can grow up as a big community and have your our country. Nothing to think about, just help each other to improve and have a better life without any worry.

I really believe that if you have a network, you can make the different.


  1. Kai Santorino said...
    can you suggest other blogging networks such as mybloglog?
    LOUI$$ said...
    you can try blog catalog. :)
    ugyen said...
    Loui$$, I agree with you?? You need to have network, it will work wonder and help each other.
    Anonymous said...

    Thanks for your information.

    I joined Mybloglog as well as Blog catalog.
    Ketam said...
    Any others, beside mybloglog, blog catalog?
    Anonymous said...
    this is so gay, your blog PR is ZERO but in sponsoredreview u charging 500 per blog post u out of your mind? duhhh open your eyes wide la ppl with PR4 only charging USD30 per blog post
    Bernd Schaudinnus said...
    Thanks for information
    Anonymous said...
    I saw you recommend Blog Catelog. I haven't had much luck with blog catelog, have you?

    To the anonymous poster, what's it to you what anyone charges? If it's more than you want to pay, move on. Never waste your time on something that you have no stake in, rather spend time on making money or having fun.
    Mido said...
    I recommend mybloglog too..

    also try blogskinny

    Keep it up my friend

    Anonymous said...
    yah! ur right
    Anonymous said...
    From one anonymous to another anonymous: I support what you said about his PR0 ranking but how did Sponsored Reviews place him in such a high position? Something is not right, eh? One more point: This blog's English is terrible, so how can one write a decent review when one can't string two words together properly. And to charge people $500 for that. Those who let this blog write a review about them must be blind or from another planet.
    Anonymous said...
    To both anonymous replies, you guys have mistaken Louiss.

    If you took the time to investigate it a bit further, you'll find that the reason his blog is PR 0 is because there are two URLs; the other which is PR5 is here:

    The URL with PR0 is here:
    Unknown said...
    Thanks davy for showing up, if they really find out more, I have a PR 5 link and pr 0. I have confident to get pr 6 or pr 5 again with my new domain! hehe. Another evil plan!

    My english will never good as you all, I don't improve my weakness, but I make my strength strong. :)
    Anonymous said...
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    半山芭老烟枪 said...
    i suggest spicypage.this site provide voting option on blog,it's fun!

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