Friday, August 3, 2007

No choice,opportunity cost, when you get something else, you will lost another thing. You won't get everything in your life, this is true. From this, I learn something. Sometime, we really need to scarify to get another one. I forming a big team now, my next target, 1000 members. All are aggressive, I will train them until everyone can make money online and can survive without a job. This what I wanted too.

Ok ok, come back to feedburner count, from 300 drop till 167=134 gone! ops, this really big amount, but I will make it up again with more attractive post, and some evil mind. From 167 will up until ????. What is the number u expected? I will share with you all later on. Stay tune!

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  1. Anonymous said...
    why you don't consider to hide the feed count until have 500 -1000 subscribers?

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