Saturday, May 26, 2007

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What a great news here, we no need to provide US bank account to paypal anymore. So most of us are relieve now. Unfortunately something was happen to me. Paypal, I'm sorry if I do mistake, please forgive me and give back my money and account. All of the money I earn was come from my effort. I hope you can forgive my childish act when I key in the wrong US account number.

Is this situation happen to you too? Feel free to share with me here. Thanks

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  1. Observer said...
    My personal opinion is to ring them up. Paypal hardly compromise, you need to know exactly to undo the mistake then waiting for their "kindness"
    Anonymous said...
    So, paypal punish you for "Tricking" them back ar?!

    You din really follow those 'other' bloggers who put in a fake US account number din you?

    Yeah, I guess you really got to ring them up and talk to them.
    Unknown said...
    Unfortunatelly, my country isn;t even supported for withdrawal Paypal. Still waiting they change their mind. :(
    Anonymous said...
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    Anonymous said...
    Toldja this will happen.

    what did you say?
    no pain no gain,
    we really need to take the risk,
    nothing wrong, just type in fake US account number only,
    Life is short.

    hope you learn from this. right way and quick way, better right way.

    Anyway, to get back your account, u just need to fax to them what they need. Good luck!
    LOUI$$ said...
    headwind, I now pain you push the knife deeper. lol just kidding. They already email me, I need to wait 180 days. :(
    Anonymous said...
    180 days?! they crazy ah?
    normally this only takes 7 days max, try emailing them again.
    nyx said...
    This thing happened to me and I didn't add any illegitimate/fake US Bank Account .. in fact the ONLY activity was a transfer of funds from my friend's paypal account.

    I wrote them a really firm note about what I think of their services.
    Anonymous said...
    esti roman nu
    ? :)
    Steve Yu said...
    I guess I am lucky then.
    Zen said...
    If once you get limited access to your Paypal account it's hard to get it back to normal man. sorry you get limited man..

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