Saturday, May 26, 2007

Yup, still have a lot of hack to show you all, give me some little time and I will show to you all.

What hack will coming next?
1. Customizable recent comments widget Generator(using JSON feed) - This is darn cool stuff. Show your comments alive. It was using json feed to work my sidebar recently comments. You can generate all of your blog script in just a second with this generator:)

2. Customizable recent posts widget Generator (using JSON feed) - same as above function but it's for your posts, your latest posts show in your sidebar. :D

3. Navigation bar - A lot of bloggers request from me, but I have no time to explain. lol :P

I still have more hacks to display here, but I will do above 3 hacks for you all first, then continue others hacks. I go to a drive with my new motorbike I buy from blogging income. You can make easy money online too.

I will release Latest 3 column Kubrick in the middle of this month, keep update ya! ;)

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  1. Mihai Teddy said...
    Well done, Louis, all your work is fine! I'll try to review you on my blog!
    You know, some bloggers really need the navigation feature to use the blog like a classic style site. Therefore, I'd like to learn from you how can I improve navigation functionality on my blog, because I already tried some java scripts but they didn't work... In fact, I need a stylish menu, like in business sites. And I didn't find one, yet, so please do your best!

    P.S. I already have two friends from Malaysia here in Europe, it seems now I'll have three!

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