Friday, May 4, 2007

How To Add Smile In Blogger

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Another blogger tricks for you guys today. You My blog now enhance with a little code that make all my post get smile. That is great right? We now can express our emotion while blogging with blogger. After I use this tricks, I feel that all my posts are alive, like I'm inside every posts in this blog.

Do you wanna feel that too? Well, and again, you just need 3 easy steps to complete this blogger smile.

1. Go to inside your template > edit HTML> tick on Expand Widget Templates and search for this:

2. Copy and paste the following code BELOW ]]></b:skin>:

<script src=' ' type='text/javascript'/>

3. Save template, and you done! Easy? Thanks to benjamin.

Inside the script that I provide, is contain of below emoticon, so you can practice it for more fun.

:) or :-)
:D or :-D
:$ or :-$
:( or :-(
:p or :-p
;) or ;-)
:k or :-k
:@ or :-@
:# or :-#
:x or :-x
:o or :-o

If you need help, please feel free to drop the question in my comment

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  1. Rina said...
    thank you
    i am a beginner so your guidelines are easy to follow and helpful.
    i have try it and it works
    BetShopBoy said...
    Hi Louis

    Thanks for this SMILEY in Blogger tip, its swell!!
    Anonymous said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.
    Anonymous said...
    Thanks for your lovely tip too. Appreciate it.

    edit: I had tried implementing it. However i had some compatibility issues. After finish loading my blog the webpage will auto-reload again, and some of the sidebar flash objects or pictures on my posts will fail to load. Any ideas?
    LOUI$$ said...
    RiNaBecKs,BetShopBoy and Zero Horizone , I'm glad all of you love this hack. I love it too, simply easy!
    LOUI$$ said...
    HI Zero horizone, do you still face it? I not sure with your problem, since my blog never reload itself. Do you use any hack beside this?
    Rangan Badri said...
    Well, I have been looking for this for a long time. But I really cannot do it. I am a dumb person in these matters.

    Also, how did you manage that scrolling bar at the left with icons of home, archive and all that?

    Thanks a mill.
    Prof. Jim Greer said...
    just wondering, I tried putting this code in to the HTML thing and then tried to use the smileys on a new post, but they don't change from :). If you have any ideas, it would be greatly apreciated. (and I did "expand widget templates")

    The Chosen One

    Please leave your response in a comment on my blog.
    Anonymous said...
    Whre did i saw this script before?? naughty! this script like the original one reloads images and flash so your blog reloades twice taking ages to load making your visitor go away
    Admin said...
    hi Louis, it's not working at my side... it is still the keyboard sign n not the pics... any idea?
    Admin said...
    Hi louis, i looked at my blogspot blog, the smilies appear in all previous post. i created a new post to test the smilies and the pics didn't appear, what gives?
    Agus Ramadhani said...
    i try this code but my "read more" can't be load on internet explorer. just run on Fire fox n opera. please help me :)

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