Monday, April 30, 2007

Make Easy Money Online NOW

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Wanna Make Easy Money Online now?

So here is the new review rules:

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  1. Anonymous said...
    Mike, you really have an unique blog which I do recommend for amateur blogger like me. After I signed up to PPP under blogger, how can I write the review as I don't see any related topic for me to do so.
    LOUI$$ said...
    Hi kenny, my name is louiss. Well, you can write up this post and mention that I teach bloggers to make easy money online. I think every blogger, include you and me, I lovin making money online with a blog. I love it if you recommend them to my blog before start up anything. Just contact in case you have anything to ask me. cheer! :D
    Anonymous said...
    A review has been posted on my site which you may interested to look at:

    Please tell me am I do the right thing as I'm new member to PPP. Thanks
    LOUI$$ said...
    Hi kenny, your review is great, thanks!
    Anonymous said...
    Sorry for late respond. Quite busy lately. I'd linked up with your post in my Blogroll if that's what you mean. Sorry I'm still new to this stuff, tell me if I'm at the wrong way. Cheers!
    Anonymous said...
    Sorry clicked wrong the option. I am the Anonymous above. Kenny.
    Anonymous said...
    currently my blog still less then 90 days, so i cann't register at paypal yet. once i reached 90 days, sure i will write your review...
    HSN said...
    your Blog is wonderful
    Anonymous said...
    Hey, thanks for invited me here :)
    you have a great blog here! I'm definitely going to bookmark you!

    I have a making money@ cari duit blog. It pretty much covers cari duit related stuff.

    Come and check it out if you get time :-)
    Anonymous said...
    hi louis,
    i just signup PPP from your link. but i dunno the review step. i found that your site is very good especially for me as a novice blogger.Do i have to review at ppp or from your site

    Unknown said...
    is it possible to skip the PPP and 7.50? I jsut want the link, and don't care about PPP or the 7.50.
    LOUI$$ said...
    Joshua, you can get a reviews with register the PPP. Send me your reviews, thanks.
    Unknown said...
    Hi There,

    could I get a review
    for where you can make easy money online
    Unknown said...
    Louiss, did you receive my email with the link to the post i made?
    It was sent 2 days ago.
    If not, here's the link again:
    Anonymous said...
    Thanks mike for a great post. I think I'm gonna use your blog as a reference. Here are some legitimate ways to make money online. These are guaranteed legitimate and risk free.
    Alvin said...
    This is the best way to earn money online!
    You will be paid for surfing ads! All you need is a PayPal account to recieve the money!
    Atabani said...
    Hello, it is all new to me, I have been searching on the internet for days and long hours trying to find ways to make money online, and I came across a lot of sites and ideas of making money online, but among all of the ideas I was quite attached to your site, the more I read about it the more I get attached. It sound like a very interesting and amazing idea, since it is all new to me, I think I need to put more efforts into it and hopefully one day I wish I can be as half as good as you. So let’s see how it will turn out!!! I have one question how long does it take until they review and accept my blog? I can not wait until I am off and on the road :-) again thank you very much for sharing your experience and knowledge.
    Chew Jek Hui said...
    Hi, read your money making opp. Is there an link so that I can review your blog using the PayPerPost account I have? Or let's cut the middle man and you pay me for the review via paypal
    mymytri said...
    I dont want to sign up with PPP as it doesnt allow to use nofollow attribute.....I hear that if we go on posting PPP reviews chances to penalized by google...
    Anonymous said...
    This is an interesting concept, and while I appreciate the technology you're showing people, this is definitely something Google is going to catch on to. When they do your PR is going to fall of the face of the Earth. I don't recommend building your blog this way as all of your hard work will eventually go down the drain.

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    Dragon said...
    hi, i just came across your site. i have a ppp account. is it mean that i need to write a review, give u the link and i will get paid and have a link back to my site? thanks.
    Damaged Life said...
    Louis, Happy New Year and much success to you for 2008. I found your site some time ago and I come back every now and then to get tips and see what is good for blog monetizing. Great work and keep on blogging. NICE!

    Alien of this world
    Eddy said...
    Louis how am I gonna write a review about your site when I haven't pass 3 months with PPP? I'm still amateur here, thanks for any advice

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