Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I Quit My JoB! Hurray!

I don’t believe that I will make money online when I just starting blogging. But now I quit my job (as a waiter) that just paid me about RM4 per hour or 1.28 usd per hour. Why? I have done my goal, and make at least 300 usd per month enough me to survive while I’m study.

Is this great? Yes, feel like I’m super boy. My goal for this year is 10,000 usd. Then I will start my internet business on January next year. I just share my moment with you while I’m blogging. Thank you to support me and blogging secret all the way. If you have anything to chat with me just drop me a line in the comment, I will reply asap.

Tomorrow I will introduce my new make money weapon to you all. Stay tune!

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  1. Unknown said...
    Wow, Congratulations. I quit my job a long time ago and have been enjoying poverty ever since. I found you on mybloglog and left a post there about a sort of blog etiquette to take a few seconds if you can and leave a comment on blogs you enjoy. But even easier is to click another bloggers ad as sort of a tip. (I think most of us enjoy a click as much as a comment.) I always click on blogs I like. And can you keep a secret? of course you can. I just clicked on some of your ads because I like this blogging secret site very much.
    Unknown said...
    happy saw u earn money online...
    but anyway...please take care of your study and your health too...

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