Thursday, March 8, 2007

I Learn From Trial and Error

Thank you to support Blogging Secret until now. Do know you why I'm blogging? I wanna make money online, and guess what, i have archived it. This is really a miracle, the time told me how fast the time gone. Now is my 5th months of blogging, and I now success making money online. But i wasted 5 months to learn this all, and it's worth!

This won't stop me to success with make money online. I will grow litle bit and litle bit everyday until i success in Internet world. And I know you will success too!

What lesson I learn from this?

Trial and Error

Tip Of The Day

You won't success without try, when you try make some error, correction the error then you will success! Cheer!

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  1. Anonymous said...
    just want to ask. why ur google adsense gone?
    got banned?
    N A Z M I E S K I said...
    yes i agree with u.without act upon it...nothing gonna happen.of course,we'll face the error and mistake we made.all we have to do is to Improve and learn from the error we,try untill succeed.keep up the gud work loui$$.nice blog any neway.cheers to you too....
    LOUI$$ said...
    Thanks nazmie, i wish you will success too! And delang, i just don't wanna use adsense too earn first, so slow, so i try bidvertiver lo!:D
    Paris David said...

    Let us know if Bidvertiser pays more than Google Adsense!
    delang said...
    so share with me, how much you got from bids compare to adsense?
    Admin said...
    Hi Loui$$, yes lah, how to remove the bookmarklet. i still havent figure out. please assist me!!

    yes, i'm making a full time income from ebay.. so, let's teach each other la, you teach me blogging, i teach you ebay, want ah...
    Admin said...
    Hi Loui$$, blogging is difficult for me, in ebay, do you have in mind what to sell? find a niche, you can start in since it's free..

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