Thursday, February 22, 2007

Review On PayPerPost-Part.1

Hello to all, i just make up my decision to do the review on Pay Per Post, one of the blog ad network that have let a lot of bloggers make money from it. But why they can give high paying opportunity to the bloggers since others not? Here is some secret:

Pay Per Post just charges a 35% service fee compared to ReviewMe that charges a 100% markup. ReviewMe are taking half of your money for every post.

In this case, Pay Per Post can give you more high paying opportunity more often and put more money in your pocket!

So Pay Per Post make sense for high traffic and lower traffic bloggers alike.

Before you wanna join this Pay Per Post, you must have below standard requirements first:

1.You must be 18 to participate or have written consent by a legal guardian.

2.All posts must be in English on a blog written in the English language.

3.Your blog must also be at least 90 days old, verifiable by a third party index of the site.

At last, i would recommended new blogger to join this program if you want some cash NOW. To join this program, please click the below picture:

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