Thursday, February 22, 2007

What an interest topic here, at last i found 2 pictures to proof that SlashMySearch are true, today.

The first picture was paid on 13 of Feburary 2007, click below picture to enlarge:

The second picture was paid on 16th of Feburary 2007, that's mean 6 days ago, click below picture to enlarge:

All of the above pictures pictures was pay via paypal, i'm sure you will have different view about SlashMySearch now!

So you are new to SlashMySearch? I write some short preview about it as below:

1.Register for free than Use your link to searching and Earn money

2.Earn up $180 a month without referral and over $1,900 with referral

3.Its Free and easy to earn money just for searching on the net

4.Search engine with Yahoo, eBay, Jobs salary and

5.You can see your realtime earning statistic at login page

6.Monthly payment with Minimum $50 to: E-gold, Paypal, Cheque

7.First payment if you already joined 2 months as member

8.Have proof that payment have paid to member

What are you waiting? This is your golden moment to join, no download needed!

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  1. Max Payne said...
    how do u put technorati techs can u tel me plz help is there a script
    ugyen said...
    Loui$$, Is it true..well i thought slashmysearch was a spam..... didn't take it seriously for couples of days, templates suits you better now!!!
    star123 said...
    I still in doubt about this program as I have heard a program like friend said that it was spam...dunno exactly
    608 said...
    I really hope it isnt a scam, sadly a screen shot isnt absolute proof, because you can alter the numbers.

    Best of luck with it though! I signed up a couple of days ago :D
    Admin said...
    did you get real money from they ?
    LOUI$$ said...
    buhdie, i will get it on april.stay tune!

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