Saturday, November 4, 2006

I just experience by my own!When i check my gmail just now,i saw "PayPal - Please update your account information! " mail.As i known that Paypal won't usually tell me to update my own paypal by sending me email,then i check it:

The word of service@paypa"i".com, is PAYPAI ,not PAYPAL...!!That is "i" .

But i still don't really believe that the "PayPaI" is not the real of PayPaL.Then i click the link,here what it's come out:

I'm starting curious now,so i wanna make sure that is fade PayPal,then i click on "click here".

I spot this,



To verified this is "really really" fade,so i tpye in the address box,then i saw no error in the page,



After all the reviews,then i conclude this email as a scammed. So sad,now then i realise that "I'm another stupid" who waste 1 hours to complete this post.

"Dear my reader,please be caution with those scammed email,change your attitude,you can make the difference"

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