Monday, June 4, 2007



  1. ColourfulWorld said...
    lol, i won't ask why. i will just ask: what had happened?

    i guess it's not wise to spill out everything here on blogger. so maybe i can get the real idea thru email?

    good luck brother! =)
    Anonymous said...
    It's not the matter to trust or not to trust. We use it when it works, and not when it don't. It sometimes depends on one's luck though.
    Anonymous said...
    Another case..
    TerryG said...
    I can understand why you might remove Adsense and why so many other bloggers do the same thing.

    The question is why do bloggers monetize their blogs expecting someone to come to their site and click a few ads - when they go to other sites and flat out refuse to click an ad of interest? Bloggers are the worst for being ad blind and while they persist to do this then no one will have Adsense or any other monetizing on their blogs as its not worth it.

    I am a believer that if you like the site and see an ad of interest then click it to have a look. I have found some great sites this way.
    TerryG now at Anxiety Remedy
    bookworM said...
    terryg, you have spoken a great truth. may i be furnished an email too like colorfulworld has requested? and why did anonymous say "another case"? hey guys, i'm clueless. help!
    Goddess Crystal's Pet said...
    I believe Google will pay - it would hurt their advertising program eventually if they don't.

    I'm beginning to do a different topic each week on my blog.

    I've had about 350 visitors but so far have only made $1.86 on Adsense.

    I'd appreciate some feedback since i'm new.
    Roffi Grandiosa said...
    Anonymous said...
    hey i wanna ask something... may i put this advert in my forum?
    LOUI$$ said...
    I suggest you contact adverlet to reply your answer, contact josh lim. :)

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