Sunday, June 3, 2007

Well guys, I read a lot of hot topic from cnet around blogsphere recently, and I would be a part of it now. Nuffnang or Adverlets, which will I support? I will give a short opinion about both of them.


Nuffnang, come to blogsphere first before adverlets. But Tim, who are one of the Nuffnang Boss, is really generous. Why I said that? When I started to put Nuffnang ads in my blog, there didn't give me any ads for 2 weeks and I send an email to Nuffnang. They reply me asap but they mention that my blog didn't appear in their database. ?!?! Then I reply another email to them and mention that I wanna drop nuffnang out of my blog, and won't come back again if this problem cannot solve. What a surprise was Tim, personally reply my email. He really sorry for that inconvenience and promise that will fix it out. He really reply my email with patient(I really angry at that time), nonetheless, he give me a guarantee that have ads will serve to me in short period. This show him really care of bloggers who join into Nuffnang, at least I know it now. Wow..He do his best to stop me walk out from Nuffnang, I really give it a try (and a bit touch). After a week, the ads was come in my blog, hurray.

Nuffnang not only a blog ad aggregators, but also a community for bloggers to stick together. I really thanks to Nuffnang give me a chance to watch Pirates Of Caribbean 3 on that day, and unofficial gathering with Malaysian Bloggers. But unfortunately, I can't remember any blogger that I saw their pictures from their blog before. So I count "unofficial" gathering. So far so good for nuffnang and I wait for another gathering too. lol :D


About adverlets, I have register with adverlets, but I didn't put it in my blog. Why? Josh Lim, you are great money minded. Give away RM50 to who ever write an review for Advertlets, really a good ideas. This not make me feel natural, a bit force. I know many is important, but not everyone always do it for money. Sometime I would think that if Adverlets can be more generous, make some event to know each other more, we will feel great too. But I really don't like the way Josh approach to 5xmom. But I know that Hongkiat give 101% of support to Adverlets since Josh and him known each other and also advertise in his blog. He claim that stay on the middle of both, do you believe this?;) Another Top Malaysian Blogger, Liewcf get in with silence support to Adverlets since they paid him to advertise on his top bar, I think it's an high investment that Josh have make before(congratz to Bro Liew, make some big buck from them). Adverlets really use money effectively, I respect you, Josh!

Inclusion, the "voice of people" go to Nuffnang, since they make us feel like one of the family in their community. Who will I vote for? I prefer like hongkiat, I will be at the middle for this moment, but slightly in Nuffnang for NOW. Can Josh convince they will be the Top 1 in this market? I will wait and see. :)

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  1. Observer said...
    Nuffnang, come to blogsphere later after adverlets ?

    Maybe you wanna correct that. Anyway, regarding the review, my frank opinion is "IT ISN"T A REVIEW !" .. from the big pool of people who wrote it, very scarce you see a "review", but more of "mention, so that I get my 50 bucks" ....

    I personally have nothing against Advertlets, it's just I despise when dirty tactics are involved with a lot "misdirection" .

    I just hope our fellow bloggers who joined either or both, sometimes have some principle..and not purely money suckers..

    Because by becoming the latter, it will only further encourage certain undesirable outcome.
    Unknown said...
    Hi Louiss.. wanna ask u something..
    how u add the recent comment widget on ur blog??
    Calvin Mad said...

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