Friday, June 22, 2007

I can't stop myself to miss you, really, I really can't left without my black pearl. Maybe you think I'm crazy to say this, but I really crazy thinking of you. I come back to KL to see you, this is real and I mean it, I miss you my pig.... You think I come back to exam? I really wish too, but just an excuse for me to come back and meet you. Just now I think of straight away go back and skip the exam, since I not really wanna exam. But yesterday you said that if I get a good great, you will marry with me. This make me 101% energetic to go into the exam hall. haha... So you must need to marry me soon.

I will save more money to marry you. I will keep more money into our account, don't worry, I will have enough money to marry you before 24. So you also need to gampate too!

Hope you will wait me to come back again after I go this time. I will love you my pig, till my last breath. 54321...


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