Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Recently I have a little problem with writing a post for my blog, and I go out to get some fresh information on how to motivate myself. Yes, everyone will get lazy someday, but you don't know when you going to be lazy like me, I face this dilemma this few weeks, and I get some solution for now.

So how when going to face this? Easy, you need to set a goal. So what goal should you set?


This really work!!!This method is from a top motivator in the world, and that motivator had went to Japan to give a speech for a top automotive company in Japan in 20 century. That company have face a dilemma of low productivity and commitmentfrom workers. When that time, the CEO of that company ask the motivator to give a speech, and he just give a sentence their staff, "Everyday improve 1%", that's it!

Everyone was shock, and he really just give a short speech. And you know what? Their workers believe to that guy and pratice it. Then the company productivity improve like a BOOM and they get the best automotive company of the year. After that, Ford company was shock with the effect of the word of that motivator, and Ford bring him back to US. (Sorry guys, I forgot the motivator name.)

Yes, is that simple, you can do anything with your blog, just do it, a small, or big, is up to you. If you lazy to write a post, then try to submit at least a link to a directory in the net. So you still give a little effort to you blog even you didn't blog right? Or maybe you can go to other blog and give some comments? Positive comment is mostly like by the author. :p Or you go to forum and post something there? Since you have signature link, you still can get some backlink to even you lazy to post in your blog.

Just keep your goal as simple as possible and maintain it. Maintaining a blog really need to give some effort, like keep a relationship with your beloved. I hope you can everyday improve 1%, and you can start with reading my blog at least a post everyday. lol :D

When you going to try this out? Take your ACTION NOW! No more wait!

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  1. Sherrykins said...
    Thanks for your encouraging words! Every little bit we do to promote our blogs will help, even this comment. hehe :)

    Memey said...
    This really encourages me. Thanks
    VaNi|la SkY said...
    do you mean, Anthony RObin the motivator?
    Anonymous said...
    can i improve 1 more %, i think i can make it
    LOUI$$ said...
    Hi $herry, thanks for drop a line here. You definately do a little help for your blog too! ^^

    memey, hope this will help you.

    sky, not anthony robin, another professional motivator, I read from a book. Just forget his name.

    Icalvyn, I sure you can! 100%! My friend, walk our dream, and dare to catch it!
    zam said...
    Thanks for the motivation! I really appreciate it since i'm also part of group that have lost motivation. Right now I want to improve 2%.

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