Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Paypal want us to include US bank account? This is just an excuse for them for push us to jump into the sea. They trying to fool us? Then now we fool them back! :P

I just receive all the payment, just relieve my stress on this issues. Make me nervous and worry, paypal really suck!

So you also want the tricks right?

This was how I do some trick to receive my pending payment:

1. Go to Overview -> Click Profile
2. In Financial Information column -> Click Bank Account
3. Type the following information as below:
- Bank Name: The Bank of New York
- Account Type: Checking
- Routing Number: 021000018
- Account Number: 104000850850185
- Re-enter Account Number: 104000850850185
4. Check main account page
5. Accept outstanding payments if its not already done so automatically
6. Remove Bank Account

TAKE NOTE- The bank account stated above does not exist and it was just a random number I guess. Do ensure the Routing Number remains the same but you must change the Account Number. Quickly remove the bank account payment receive. Super fast remove the Bank Account! Do it in your Own Risk!

Peow... all done. Paypal trick us? Then we get them back now! hahaha! Thanks Daryl!:D

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  1. Anonymous said...
    This is risky. Before long, Paypal will mark your account "Limited Access". Then you will have problem.

    I salute you for having found this solution, but this is also the reason Paypal imposing unfair policies on Malaysians. We are crooked.
    LOUI$$ said...
    headwind, no pain no gain! They are not just upgrade their system, on 2nd July 2007, paypal will become a bank. That is mean we need to have an account with them or otherwise we cannot withdraw the money. Their mind is dirty, what we can do?
    Anonymous said...
    no actually, they lead us to do this. this is their trick. no matter what happen, you still can create your next account.

    if they suspect your account, just create a new one and then... inform all your fund sender about your new paypal ID.

    you know what, USD 600 is a big amount to lose! and paypal seem doesn't really care about it!

    dare to fail!!
    LOUI$$ said...
    Cool, I with you! We really need to take risk, if not, paypal take over us. Without us, how paypal alive till today? We need to sound out of this. Just a little trick to make sure we get the payment, not a big deal right?
    Anonymous said...
    if this spreads fast enuff, Paypal gonna find out about this and then what.

    we can open a new paypal account if anything happen. but your old account funds will have to be transferred to the new one and we will come back to square one.

    we need to be able to withdraw to be effective.
    LOUI$$ said...
    Headwind, we have do wrong anything? We just tpye wrong account number only, then delete the account, got any illegal sign?
    Anonymous said...
    nothing wrong.
    go ahead and do it.
    Eehui said...
    hmm i dun quite understand... is it becoz paypal does not accept msian bank account? i remember paypal transferred some funds into my australian account before. or is this not what u mean (as in like u can only transfer after a certain amount of money)? pls enlighten me....
    LOUI$$ said...

    Paypal can't accept Malaysia bank, so we need to have US bank account. For us, to apply an US bank take a lot of time and energy + money. So wasted if we are just a hundredaire. If every months we receive thousand of dollar from paypal, we then have an US bank account. Really a trouble for us to withdraw money from paypal!


    That is my personal opinion, no harm ya. Please don't angry! Smile aways!:D
    Anonymous said...
    where got angry.
    I am just afraid that if everybody do it, Paypal will take further action, that time everybody cannot use paypal, worse right.

    latest news the account number cannot use oredi. someone must forgot to delete it after using.
    Ashi Nostalgia said...
    Nothing is wrong, but must be Risky
    LOUI$$ said...
    Headwind and foolish,

    Life is short, just take the risk! lol :D
    Huei said...
    wah i wana try!! hmmm

    the next time they're gona update is 2nd july???
    TriStupe said...
    put the bank account then quickly transfer to our own account?

    sorry a bit blur.
    LOUI$$ said...
    Huei, paypal will become a bank on 2nd July. check it out HERE. Hope this help you.

    stupe, when you add the US bank account number(fake one) in your paypal, then it's will auto accept all your payment. Then you quickly delete the US bank account number from your paypal,do it asap!get it now?
    jelly said...
    paypal sucks.. why are malaysians always discriminated
    LOUI$$ said...
    Not sure about that Jelly, maybe religion problem? Just a guess!
    Anonymous said...
    don't laugh too soon louis! paypal can freeze your account anytime. and then you will bear more pain. you may need to fax your identity documents all the way to USA. You begs may not be heard and all your money will be gone.

    From my honest opinion, you want to make money online, you are bound to be control by someone somehow. find some proper way and withdraw the proper way.

    Every year, ebay came to malaysia, but there is still no solution to malaysia, because malaysia just have to many frauds. if we continue doing all these, do you think paypal will want to include us in their list?

    just my very very honest opinion from someone who have been in ebay and paypal for so many years.
    LOUI$$ said...
    Thanks Jenny, my method just for short term. I read the TOS and I didn't see anything written on it is mention that we cannot put wrong account number and it's illegal.

    We not cheat paypal money, we just wanna accept the money, that's all. Anyway, I really appreciate for your value comment, and I'm working on the Etrade account. I need to resubmit again to UK or HK.

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