Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Hi to my lovely readers, i recently desparate to make a lot money via online, until i wanna change blogging to online marketing in my previous post(muahahaha^^). But now i stop for a moment of think to change to online marketing. Why? Pay Per Post just send me an email last night and notice me my post have been approve, and this is my first ever post that get approve by them, so EASY.

As i mention above, very easy to get paid, so the total that will be paid to me is 15usd. Wow... Pay Per Post, the best blog marketing in the internet, i believe it now!

So what i have done to make this first 15usd? Ok, i tell you the secret and it's very easy, only just for you since you are daily readers of blogging secret .

The secret to make your first 15usd as below:

1. You must have at least a blog that have 90 days old.

2. Don't copy other people post, if not you will get red card from Pay Per Post soon.

3. The more Pr your blog have, the more opportunity you will get from Pay Per Post.

4. MUST follow the instruction.(don't ever to against the TOS of Pay Per Post).

5. And lastly, just wait an email from Pay Per Post to confirm you the approvement of your post, and you done!

The payment will paid via paypal, if you don't know how to register or take out the money from paypal, i will show you in my next lesson.

Aye you ready to make your first pocket money via online? Just click on below picture and you will get paid for your post NOW!

Click below to sign up:

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  1. Anonymous said...
    Hey! Can you brief more about what to do after our blog has been approved? I am blurred of what to do to earn money.

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