Thursday, February 1, 2007

This Template Is Not Perfect

Hello to all, after i using kubrick themes, i feel that no very satisfy with it, don't know why. May the functionality of my blog not perfect, the layout need to redesign, make me feel to change this blog template again, maybe!

After Hackosphere launch The Fastest Blog In The World, NEO, ramani out of his way for a while(or maybe long long time). That is a damn waste to all of us. He is the starting point of blogging secret, but now i need to continue alone....

NEO stlye is too fast, until make me....( drive fast, die fast), don't know, that feeling is very good for being a reader, loading time is just in second!

The demo and showcase of NEO:

click HERE

The price of neo just as low as $10 usd only. But if any wanna have NEO, you may contact me via email, You may get rebate if you buy 2 NEO from me!

I still finding a way to improve blogspot, but still out of ideas, do you have any?

Get updated Blogging Secret,It's FREE.

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