Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Hi hi, is me again, Louiss Lim! Few days i go back to my hometown to celebrate chinese new year, something happen to feedburner. That is my feedburner count increase by 40%, what a shock!!! Some said feedburner have been hack, some said feedburner got internal problem but actually all wrong!!!!

Here is the reason:

1. Google just show their number of Google Reader and Google Personalized subcribers number in the feedburner!

2.I change my template to minima 3 columns,so loading time is faster then my 3 columns kubrick template!

3.Blogging Secret have more visitors from google, i love google!

This is a good start for 4 months old blog, 153 readers...you know...this just a blog to share my blogging skill. So please coming if you thirsty for blogging secret, c ya soon...

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  1. testing said...
    Hi Louiss , remember me ? I am the author of MaximizingRevenueTips.blogspot.com . I love your site ! Actually I m thinking of going to UTAR , but since my relatives stay near TAR College , I have to go there ... Hope you will earn more $$$ through your blog !
    Anonymous said...
    So Louiss,
    YOu mean to say we shud be using Google Reader to increase count on feedburner ????

    Best Regards,
    Eliena Andrews
    LOUI$$ said...
    Hi anonymous, actually this was a increase of google readers who have subscibe but have release the number in the feedburner count,google just play it few weeks ago, so if have readers join in google readers under your feedburner, you count will increase,that's it!

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