Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Dear my readers,after my post "My readers,what you wish to know?", i found out that still got a lot people lost in the blogging world. So this post is just a guide for those not really familiar with blogging world! Top 3 free services that you must join when you just entering to blogging world?


Joining Feedburner

1.Why is feedburner first? It's because after we post, feedburner will help us "burn the content" or other meaning is help us deliver the contents on the web. Beside that, their feed service can let reader join your readership, remember, returning readers maybe are your customers! Of course,after you post,it's help you auto ping!

2.Some fact of feedburner

Total feeds: 506,278
Number of publishers: 301,831
Number of subscribers across all FeedBurner feeds: 28,709,530
Number of podcast and videocast feeds: 82,292
Number of subscribers to podcast and videocast feeds: 6,180,957
Number of subscriptions reachable by the FeedBurner Ad Network: 13,744,715
Number of made-up words on this site: 3

3.Where to register?HERE

4.After you join feedburner, make sure you activate those service (this is what i did, you follow the the tick beside each service that is use inside the below picture):

Optimize section

Publicize section

After this, you may more understand those service!


Joining Technorati

1.Why must join technorati? Because it's also free service!lolz. This is also for you to have a nice ranking when you have a link back from other blogs! Do you see my sidebar have a technorati rank? You want this widget? HERE.

2.Where to register? HERE.


Joining MyBlogLog

1.And again, why join MyBlogLog? For your information, most of my traffic and my friends is come from MyBlogLog! Wow...surprise? Why MyblogLog can attract a numbers of traffics since it show us the detail of the readers, activities and what kind of blog user they are.

2.Where to join? HERE.

You also can join my blogging secret communities by click HERE. You are always welcome!

I will intro more free service items when i free later! Wish this help!

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  1. Tisha! said...
    Wow so useful especially the widgets! I am going to add the technorati "fave this blog" widget. Thanks again!
    LOUI$$ said...

    Thanks to drop tisha,i'm happy this could help you!Come back again for more!haha!
    Raj said...
    very nice tips!!!

    on your suggestion i changed my template so that it can load faster.

    thanks for your example template.

    My Blog : Welcome Back !
    LOUI$$ said...

    Your blog now loaded faster then previously template!congrates!wish you like it!
    Anonymous said...
    Oh, I haven't signed up for Blog Log. Think I will sign up ASAP. Just keep the tips coming. This blog really do have helped me a lot.
    LOUI$$ said...
    That is a good move, and remember join my communities!hehe^^

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