Sunday, November 12, 2006

Hello my reader,

After my friends request for this template for him,now i just share with you all. My blog quite similar with word press,do you feel it? This is another improvement for blogger beta,so now i proudly present my 3 Template with Widebar,And All Useful Hack.

Here are the list of hacks that were built-in:

1.Widebar-i work as search box,and my ads placement.(louiss)

2.3 column template-i can put a lot of great things.(Ramani teach me!)

3.Expandable posts with summary in main page-This hack displays only post summaries in main page which expand inline upon clicking a "Read more" link.You can divide your post with few steps and check it here.(ramani teach me!)

4.Peekaboo posts in label/archive pages-Only post titles will be shown in such pages so that the reader can quickly find what he wants to read amidst a long list of posts. A [+/-] toggler can be used to expand/collapse the posts.The example is here.(ramani again)

5.Multi-style Labels widget-Labels shown in multiple styles - Drop-down menu(default), zoom style and flat list.(bro ramani)

6.Author comment highlighting and notification- After someone post a comment to your blog,they can track your feedback just click on this notification. When you reply his/her comment,then they will receive updated from you and comment will be highlight with red color.(ramani ramani ramani)

7.Peekaboo comments-this is hack can collapse your comment or expand when you need it,so convenient for reader to review your comment box.(singopoly)

8.Labels as navigation tabs-this hack make me feel like a pro blogger,i have put it below my header,it feel great.(Hoctro)

9.Social Bookmarking Links-this hack can let your reader to bookmarking you to any list in your links.(Vivek and Hans)

10.Peekaboo Navbar-This hack can let you hide your bar when you dont need it,and come out when you need it. So flexible and professional!(Avatar)

Extra Hack
Widget auto-updation and Backlinks issue-i have include this in the template.(ramani)

If you like it,right-click the "Download template" link, save the code for the template and upload it to Blogger (Don't copy/paste, you might miss some lines). I will come up with more hacked templates as and when I get more free time.

Hack-Minima Live (Download Template)

Hacked it now!

You can use and downloads this template,of course,it's FREE (since my blogging secret is from nothing to something!) as long as you give credits on your site to Blogging Secret. All have been tested for Internet Explorer 6 and Firefox. If you notice any problems, please report them as a comment.

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  1. C said...
    Thanks for sharing.
    LOUI$$ said...
    you are welcome,maybe next time you share with me?haha!
    Kvin said...
    wow...incredible template...i find it long time ago..really want to thank you alot...for this kind of template, i willing to pay it...keep it up..comming more better template..i will buy from u!!!
    LOUI$$ said...

    wow....thanks for you suggestion,i would consider it when i modify other template,but very surprise here because you would like to buy from me,thanks again!
    celinewong said...
    gosh i am dumb with html..!! I don't know how to hack into blogger beta. i've just stepped into the world of blogging and found some really neat templates for the blog. Darn! When i found out dat the template is only workable for classic blogger. How do I use the nice template in beta blogger? i wish you guys can send me a step by step process.. *cries* i love dat template so much!!! I even attempted to switch back to classic from beta. but no luck! hehe! they don't allow...
    LOUI$$ said...
    @celine wong

    Thanks to drop a line,for you info,this moment have many blog hackers working for it,if i have any news i will updated in my blog.
    Unknown said...
    hey dude,

    The best template out there for blogger beta. You did in style..Full marks to you.

    One thing i noticed, whatever tags i create them come up as headers. So if i create 20 unique tags, will they just mess up my header menu?
    Unknown said...
    how can i limit them to only the important ones or the most used on my blog?
    LOUI$$ said...
    thanks to drop a line,you maybe make the tag to be subtitle and just leave few tag to be main,then it will display only the maintitle.
    Anonymous said...
    great! It's wonderful and it's exctly what I was looking for!
    I will try it after Christmas Holidays.
    I've just linked you from my blog.
    Thank, Louiss, and Merry Christmas :-)
    Anonymous said...
    Hello Luiss...
    I have downloaded your 3 colomn minima template for my new blog. However don;t want [+/-] toggler to expand/collapse the posts. Insted I just want post titles as in your blog. What should i do? which html component should i remove to unable toggler?
    Jamie said...
    Hi. I am actually having trouble getting my beta "new" blogger blog to move to 3 columns. The added column drops to the bottom. Do you know what I can do to fix it? Thanks,
    Anonymous said...
    I am so exciting to find this. Many thanks for your template and also for your visit on my blog. I will spend sometime on updating my site. Since I am not a IT man, it will take me a while...
    LOUI$$ said...

    Thanks, will upgrade soon! no more minima!^^
    Anonymous said...
    I got this message:
    Your template could not be parsed as it is not well-formed. Please make sure all XML elements are closed properly.
    XML error message: The element type "HEAD" must be terminated by the matching end-tag "".
    How should I do?
    Anonymous said...

    do you save it properly? Please dont simply copy, you might miss up some code. You better save it as target, then upload it.Let me know after you try!
    CLYDE said...
    I can't hide the navbar!Can you help me?
    FoOliSh said...
    this blog helps us lot but still i m facing some of the problem with the codes and all and not getting the traffic as i like
    LOUI$$ said...

    Hi, thanks for drop a line. If you really need traffic or wanna learn something about coding, 1st you must put all your hardwork and "smart work". You can't expecting you traffic boost overnight. Be patiention and persistent with the work you do, NEVER GIVE UP!
    Unknown said...

    Thank you for this template. I'm looking for 3-columns and this looks like a good one.
    Unknown said...
    Nice Hack, Keep bringing them home. Thanks
    Anonymous said...
    Hi there,

    Thanks for sharing your all this information. Certainly helps many a people, incluing pre-Bloggers. I have a question, and hope that you can help me out.

    By Default in the new Blogger version the BROWSER (IE, Firefox, etc.) display the Blog Name first and then the title of the post. How can I change this to 'Title of the Post' followed by the name of the blog?

    It seems you have implemented the same. Can you guide me through?

    Thnaks in advance,
    Anonymous said...
    how can i change the Post title font size and peekaboo posts on my older posts?
    like in this blog

    I want to see brief description then Readmore.. How can i do it ?
    Anonymous said...
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    Good Luck!
    Anonymous said...
    very helpful information.
    waheed rummon.
    Dsvela2 said...
    Buenas me ha gustado tu espacio sigue asi...
    Sulav said...
    Following wiglets will be lost
    HTML 6
    HTML 2
    HTML 3
    HTML 5
    HTML 4
    when i applied your tempelate in my blog i get this message.
    what is this problem and how to resolve thank in advance.
    troublemaker be said...
    belajar ngeblog? ya di
    Kiubrubik said...
    wow...incredible template...i find it long time ago..really want to thank you alot...for this kind of template, i willing to pay it...keep it up..comming more better template..i will buy from u!!!

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