Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I going crazy right now, today I officially changing my domain to In fact, I need more new links to my blogs. Here is the opportunity for you get prizes, links and publicity on my blogs, do you thirsty too? Then join my Reviews Contest now, $1000 and more prizes waiting for you.

What can you win?


Grand Prize(x10)
6 domains name for 1 year and 1 month hosting plan(value:$70)
One month link in my sidebar section(value:$15)
Free links from pr2 and pr1 blogs(value:$15)

Consolation prize (unlimited)
Linkback to your reviews and blogs from 3 blogs.(value:$30)


1.You must have PayPal account and google checkout account.

2.You need to have a credit card or debit card.

The winner will be chosen via a lottery and you can choose how many tickets that you have in the draw! The more tickets that you have, the greater chance of winning! Here’s how to get the tickets:

50 Tickets: A post on your site with one link to the new domain using the anchor text ‘make easy money online’, one link to this review contest page using any anchor text,one link to using the anchor text 'Malaysia',one link to using anchor text 'start internet business'. For example:

Louiss has new domain and he’s giving me a chance to make easy money online too with his new Reviews Contest!! He is from Malaysia and start internet business recently.

30 Tickets: Change an existing link in a post to point to the new domain!

20 Tickets: Add me to your blogroll with the new domain!

20 Tickets: Update my existing entry in your blogroll to point to the new domain!

15 Tickets: Leave a comment on another site letting them know about the domain change!

10 Tickets: Make more money by signing up to Text Link Ads!

10 Tickets: Subscribe to my feed!

You can enter as many ways and times as you like and you can leave the link to what you’ve done in the comments section of this post. I’ll be keeping track of how many tickets each entrant has and be drawing the winner at random! 10 Grand prizes are waiting for you.

I will finalize everything later on and good luck!!

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  1. Anonymous said...
    bro..nice deal, can i be the 1st to register?
    louiss said... problem, just make sure your credit card not use before la...hahaha!
    Rosa Hayes Florence said...
    hey there, why are we suppose to have a credit card? I am just curious as to why we need to have one. I am defiantly interested in this project that you have going on for your contest.
    LOUI$$ said...
    Hi rosa, you at least need to have debit card, this for you to sign up the domain name and hosting program.:)
    Anonymous said...
    i'm truly challanged to join your contest, but unluckily i can use my paypal, since the management restrict indonesian user to deposit or withdraw paypal???

    But, i have a short review for this blog, new domain, congratulation...
    Anonymous said...
    I subscribed to your feed
    Anonymous said...
    I want to join this contest, because I like contest. But I don't have credit card and paypal. You know, my country (Indonesia) can't withdraw paypal. Can you give alternative like check ?
    ahib0205 said...
    wazza... awesome contest! but.. i can't join because of time. huhuhuhu.. today iwant to go back to my college
    AmeyJah said...
    hey nice contest to increase blog readership. i will also inform your contest to my readers.
    i did your review once, i will change the entry and will enter the contest too. nice.
    ryan said...
    Long time no chat Louiss. Good luck with your new domain. Didn't Kumiko at Cash Quests run a similar contest?
    LOUI$$ said...
    ryan, really long time, wish you can help me spread the word to your readers too. Kumiko just close the contest, I continue it. :)
    Anonymous said...
    Nice banner.

    If I'm only interested on part of the prizes, can I joined too?

    I'm interested only on the linkbacks rather than the domain names, hehehe.

    I have changed to HaloScan's comment. So I had edited ur blog URL for the comment you made last month. Is this counted for any ticket? hehe.
    Anonymous said...
    Already add your new url at my blogroll.
    Anonymous said...
    Nice Contest.
    Already add your new url at my blog
    Online Money Maker said...
    August 5th already ? I thought I'd sold my time machine on Ebay !
    LOUI$$ said...
    Hey guys, I will always update the contest entries, please keep help me promote it, thanks a lot guys. :)
    Anonymous said...
    Wow, how do you start a contest before the day is here? Talk about Back to the Future! Seems cool though, and the prize is pretty lucrative, so I may have to enter. Good idea.
    Al Berto said...

    Welcome / Bem-vindo / Benvenuto / Bienvenido / مرحبا / Bienvenue / Willkommen / Üdvözöljük! / Bem-vindo / Добро пожаловать! / 환영합니다 / 欢迎 / 歡迎

    Um abraço,
    Anonymous said...
    Nice contest huh!!!
    Erm, I'm a little bit curious how come your post dated August 5, 2007?
    Rodney said...
    Good contest, but also don't have a credit card (in my country, democratic republic of congo,central africa, it's doesn't really exist) and my paypal account don't allow me to withdraw or receive.

    But, but, but, I have change the 3 links to you in the postfaire de l'argent facilement sur le net and in the main pagethe main page (just below "Blogs à voir").

    which to have links from you.
    Fran said...
    Here is a link to the review I just did for your contest Louiss:

    Fran said...
    Hi,this is Fran again - I forgot to
    mention that I added you to my
    Blogger Resources
    and I favorited
    Blogging Secret on Technorati where
    my post is showing (Blogging Secret
    is Sponsoring a Reviews Contest)

    I had a typo in my previous post URL
    Anonymous said...
    I subscribed to your feed (Google reader and Yahoo email)...
    Anonymous said...
    I have added your URL at my blogroll...
    Anonymous said...
    hi louiss, I made this comments after I wrote you a contact. de javu! I don't know if I should enter your contest or not, I'll figure it out la... I'll decide it about 2 - 3 days.
    pa said...
    hey thanks for visiting my blog int he past. Currently I am relocating and changing jobs and would like to hand my blog over to some one else. It is only about 3 months old and has gotten great reviews. Please contact me if you or anyone else is interested. There will be no cost attached except a small fee for my labors. Please post about it in your blog. Maybe you can start a discussion going abut whether someone can get rid of a blog by selling it and so on, be creative. Thanks...
    LOUI$$ said...
    please dont spam, thanks.

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