Friday, June 22, 2007

Maybe you think I'm kidding, If you really want to check it out what is the result of the make easy money online review, then you just type it in the Google, Yahoo and MSN search.

Google search result: first page, ranking number 7.

Yahoo search result: first page, ranking number 7.

MSN search result: first page, ranking number 1.

How much do you think I make from "make easy money online"? If I not mistaken, another 20 reviews will make me number 1 the the anchor "make easy money online".

As John Chow mention before, he get his blog on the top google search with the keywords: "make money online" in just 4 days after his reviews program started. I just follow his step, and I get a little success in this experiment, thanks to John Chow! I just learn to be evil like Maybe my traffic not as much as "make money online", but I still manage to get few thousand visitors per month.

Before you wanna get a anchor text for your SEO campaign, please check your keyword at overture first, don't regret later.

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  1. Anonymous said...

    I am sure you are over the moon right now :P

    And you are Malaysian blogger! :)

    GOod luck.
    Anonymous said...
    Anonymous said...
    and soon you will see the power of Google (as John Chow has seen..he is banned from the google search...:-)

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